Animal cruelty? Ducks with no drinking water... *Furious*


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Jul 6, 2011
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I am FURIOUS. Went to a flea market, they had tons of ducks, most of which were smashed in little cages WITH NO WATER. It's really hot here. So, I pointed it out to a few vendors and they were cool about it and thanked me. One said if I wanted them watered I'd have to buy them! WHAT?!?

I walked away, practically in tears. I bought 10 bottles of water and returned. The first booth I hit was one that I didn't say anything to so I poured them a bunch of water and the sweet things were just climbing over each other to get it.

Then moved to the evil booth. They had given them some but it was low in a deep bucket and black as night and full of straw. I asked (a different person) if I could freshen up their water. She told me NO, it's not good for them and that I'd better leave. We had words and I left.

What the heck? My blood is boiling. They were all panting. And she was just being a jerk. My approach nice and helpful. I never even got sassy with the first guy. How can they treat those sweet creatures like that? They needed water!!!!

What can I do? Who can I call? They are open tomorrow. I should have opened a bunch of bottles and dumped them in the bowl anyway. Fatty would have taken awhile to stop me. And I'm sure if she touched me the police would have gotten involved... Which is fine because that would have been a smack on the wrist for doing a good thing.

So, I know I should let it go but that is animal cruelty. That is illegal, I think. . I want to be a thorn in their side, I hate to say. It's wrong. All I wanted to do is share my water. Fresh cold bottled water.

Thoughts? Please don't ask me to let it go.
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Talk to the flea market management. If they don't seem helpful, just mention that you have the SPCA on speed dial. Every state that I am aware of has laws concerning at least minimal sustenance for animals, even "just" livestock, so the management would probably prefer to deal with the duck owners than the law. Alternatively, we could all gang up and shove the duck owners into a cage with no water .... I'm game if anyone else is!!!
I hate you had to see that but that is part of the world of rasing animals. Most of us are great herders but then there is that 2% that don't deserve to have the animals in their life. You did a good thing by offering water, most people would have walked by. Let's just hope that most people see how these people are treating their animals and that they are just trying to make a quick buck and don't buy from them. I like to think that most people would want to buy healthy animals that are being treated right.

Hope it all works out for you.
That is hideous. I would find a number for animal control or something and even if they don't do anything, perhaps they can tell you who CAN do something.
That story makes me sick.
Good for you for caring- perhaps if every passerby had something to say about caged animals(esp. ducks) without water it wouldnt have been in the first place.. I agree the first step is consulting the flea markets management , allowing them the opportunity to rectify it before you notify animal services , SPCA , local news , craigslist , your neighbors , etc etc..... If all fails you can file a report and know you have done your part.

here is some ammo & ph #s

13A-11-14 CODE of ALABAMA:
Criminal code for cruelty to animals. This code would be applicable to all animals, including livestock. Does not require livestock to be provided with shelter.

For more on statutes about livestock transport and market related husbandry....
If it was me in your shoes, I would go back and dump as much water in there as you can, as fast as you can!.

This makes me sick! I feel bad if I forget to water my ducks (i almost always do but sometimes we are just a bit off) I mean, even if I do forget they always have a pond.

And she really said "its not good for them" really??? I mean really what is she talking about? All animals need water to live!!!! Its a NEED!!! I dont mean to be rude but, she seems a little dumb? Am I right? And I am with you all the way here lemondoodles! It is cruel! No animal deserves that treatment, pet or lifestock (even though I think ducks are pets) they should be treated the same, water, food, shelter, safe fence (ect)

If they dont want to give them water because they need to buy water contaners, then they should not sell the ducks!

These are the kinda people I cry about at night, they make me sick. I almost always cry at night necause I know there is always gonna be a animal out there that needs a good home, and more than likely will not find it. Some people are sick!

(sorry if I went to far
I called the number that I was able to find for management and there is not an answer. I will keep trying as that was a good suggestion on a starting off point. I do have a feeling that they are not going to be helpful. Just a hunch. Do you think the SPCA will really bother with this?

Why can't people just do the right thing? What was the big deal? Why the attitude? I wasn't trying to act like the duck police but for crying out loud. They were panting and I had fresh water for them. I won't even go into what awful condition they were in (none of them looked good... another vendor had a "pile" of chickens ~ on top of a dead one in a cage). I know I can't change the world but I hope and pray that I can get someone to do something about this one vendor. I feel powerless. It was an easy solution and she REFUSED to allow them basic sustenance that was being offered for free. (Bottled water isn't good for them?????? HUH?) Should her obvious diet of pizza and milkshakes be cut off because her jaw is wired shut, that would be poetic justice. (I am not making a threat by any means, just dreaming of a perfect world in which karma is an absolute law).

I'm sorry for venting like this but I know you all know just what I mean.
I hear you there, no need to say sorry. Im sure if I saw something like this, I would do the same thing. So no need to say sorry.
I am not sticking up for anyone at the flea market, but if we are selling ducks somewhere and we give them an endless supply of water all they do is play in it, make a mess and then they are swimming in mud. There would also be people complaining about our muddy ducks. We do water them on a regular basis and provide shade if it is hot also only takes about 3 minutes for the water to get dirty.
So.....point is....just because you dont see fresh water in the cage doesn't mean they didn't just have some water. On the other hand there are people that DO NOT provide water at all and that is not cool.

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