Animal Place? They dont like back yard chickens!


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Aug 17, 2008
New England
Great idea. There needs to be some good education out there. I have had 18 chicks and 6 ducklings delivered via USPS in great condition. All grew up beautifully to adulthood.
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Nov 25, 2009
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#1 chickens are pretty tough and hardy and when kept under the right conditions will remain fairly stable, if they do happen to get sick treating them is usually a simple matter and any seasoned keeper is more than capable than handling it. If your just getting into it, a nudge in the right direction from someone who knows what their doing, thats where experience comes from. Sorry but i'm not paying $250 on a vet bill for a chicken
#2 "people cannot BRUTALLY MURDER the animal they've grown so attached to" it is not brutal murder, its where food comes from, its all over in about two seconds for the chicken. If you can't kill your rooster find someone who can, perhaps their should be some kind of a system for placing these roosters.
#3. chicks hatched in an incubator will be just fine, they will not issues cause they never had a family, which leads me to
#4. chickens are not humans so do not make them out to be so, and stop giving them human feelings. Yes they are cute[has nothing to do with intelligence] and yes they are friendly[ounce again has nothing to do with intelligence] but they don't think like we do.
this whole article kind of made me wonder if the author had ever kept chickens before...

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