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    Mar 22, 2012
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    Chickens are omnivores, but chicken feed does not contain animal protien. In fact, the label clearly states that animal products are not included, so an all vegetarian feed is actually part of the marketing. Why is this? Thanks.
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    Oct 18, 2014
    i have heard lots of people liking/thinking that vegetarian chickens are healthier or something...i totally disagree
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    Mar 8, 2013
    I've heard some farmer's say that they use an all vegetarian feed because feeds with animal proteins in them are usually in the form of "Animal by products" and "by product meal" so it's all the gross leftover bits and pieces. There's no way to know the quality of it. The farmer I get my eggs from (until my new chicks start laying their own in a few months) feeds a vegetarian diet, but the chickens are pastured, so they are out in the grass with access to bugs and whatever else they can dig up. When I used to have chickens, they would even eat mice, especially pinkie mice.
  4. For 9 months of the year up here, there are no bugs. Animal protein feed is a must for us. It is my understanding that if the animal proteins are absent, the replacements are artificial additives to compensate. This is merely oft repeated info, not my own personal knowledge.

    Since I have seen my birds eat all the gross things that chickens eat, I'm not concerned about the "bits and parts" that make up the animal protein. Not in the least.

    I've seen cannibalism among birds in flocks I've inspected and that is hardly a pleasant thing to witness. Chickens are indeed descended from the dinosaurs and aren't too worried about the "bits and parts". Just my own experiences.

    My local feed mill sells several feeds, grower, layer, gamebird, etc with animal protein content.
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    Jun 1, 2009
    Most "chicken" feed doesn't contain animal proteins, but the better feeds do.
    I my self feed a good game bird feed and it contains animal proteins.

    My way of thinking is if it doesn't contain animal proteins it just not worth buying.

    As for why some don't have animal proteins, expense is one reason and I believe the main reason.
    Feed mfg.'s want to make a "less expensive" feed, so they cheep out on the animal proteins.
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    My understanding was that animal protein and molasses based feeds have a shorter shelf life IE rancid. Any truth to that?
  7. I don't like ANY feed that is old, vegetarian or otherwise. This is again why I prefer my local feed mill as the feed is ground fresh every week. Date stamped on the feed tag. I've seen bagged, trucked in feed in some "rural lifestyle" stores be as much as 6 months old.

    While somewhat inconvenient perhaps, I do not purchase a 4 month supply of feed. I'd rather return every month for fresh feed.
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    Mar 22, 2012
    Chesapeake, Va.
    I wish I had a local feed mill!!! I hope the Purina represenative answers this question or do I need to post it again on Wednesday?
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    One of the requirements for “organic certified” chickens is that they cannot be fed animal slaughter byproducts. Some people read that as they have to be vegetarian, but that is not the case. It just can’t be animal slaughter byproducts. It can be other animal products and if they are pastured, they certainly will eat other animal products. My best link is slow to load this morning so I’ll use this so you can see what the organic requirements are. I really prefer going directly to the USDA site for this so it is more authentic but this reads the same.

    Some feeds, like the Dumors that I use, list animal proteins or animal products as the fourth item on ingredients. I’m sure that is animal slaughter byproducts. It’s a way to recycle those wastes and keep feed costs down. Many feeds offered do contain animal byproducts. You may need to extend your purchasing network to find one. That means shop in other places to get what you want if where you are shopping does not carry it.

    I grew up on a farm where chickens free ranged. I saw what they eat when given a choice. Animal slaughter byproducts does not concern me a bit, though I know some people will give you all kinds of reasons why they are horrible. I understand they are coming from commercial slaughter operations but it still does not concern me.

    If you look through that link above, you will see that the second thing on the list that is allowed is supplements necessary for their health. I can’t remember which it is off the top of my head but one thing they are talking about for chickens is a specific protein that comes from animal products. If you don’t feed animal products, then you have to supplement the feed with that protein, even if it is man-made. “Organic certified” chickens allows a man-made product because it is necessary for their health.

    Why is an all-vegetarian feed marketed? Because many people want the very best for their chickens, money no object, and marketing has made some people think that vegetarian is the healthiest way to go, whether it is organic or not. If there is a marketing niche for vegetarian feeds someone will fill that niche. It’s called free enterprise. Hopefully it has the supplements to keep them healthy.
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    Nov 3, 2014
    Quote:Purina[​IMG] Premium Poultry Feeds are vegetarian, as we have a significant customer base that does not want to feed animal proteins or fats to their birds. However, we have other brands (Home Grown, Country Acres) that may use animal proteins and fats. There is no doubt that, nutritionally, animal proteins are a much more complete source of the amino acids required in the diets of birds than are plant proteins. Vegetarian poultry diets are supplemented with individual amino acids to make sure these needs are met, and the bird's body really does not care if the amino acid is synthetically or naturally derived. The higher the protein (and therefore specific amino acid) requirement of the bird, the more supplemental amino acids must be added to vegetarian diets to meet the bird's requirements if animal proteins are not used. However, research has shown that equal performance can be attained using either type of feed, so it really boils down to the personal preference of the customer. Chickens are omnivores, meaning they eat both animal and plant foods, so they have no problem adapting to either type of diet.

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