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    Dromedary camel trio- adults proven producers $30,000

    weanling Dromedary camel male $3500

    Mini Donkeys-
    Grey jacks 2 & 3 yr olds $200 ea
    Slate Jack 4yr old $450
    Grey Jenny with male baby at side $850
    yearling grey jennies $500 ea
    yearling sorrel jack $800

    Spotted Mammoth jenny $750

    Mini Cattle-
    adult zebu cow $750
    zebu bull calf $450
    weanling Medium sized Belted calves
    Weanling Lowlines

    2 yr old Bison bull, imprinted on cattle for raising Beefalos $1000

    Painted Hair sheep flock-
    Adult rams $350 ea
    Adult ewes $75 to $200 ea
    yearling rams $75 to $200 ea
    weanlings $50 to $150 ea

    Domestic/Jacob crossbred sheep
    2 adult rams $250 ea
    2 adult ewes $125 ea
    weanling lambs $100 ea
    25 Domestic all white ewes- $100 ea

    Adult Suri Alpaca Trio-
    Silver male, Silver female, Black female $4500

    weanling alpaca male, silver/black $350

    Adult Male Llama- super wooly $250
    young male llamas $100 to $250
    Adult female llamas $250 to $1000
    young female llamas $250 to $500

    Mini Horses- weanlings, yearlings & adults starting at $100

    Quarter Horses- weanlings & yearlings starting at $150
    Blue Roan Quarter Horse stallion, excellent producer
    Buckskin Quarter Horse mare

    Appaloosa weanling colt- blanketed bay $200

    Longhorn heifers- bred for first calves nest spring

    Bottle raised skunks- Blacks, Apricots, Albinos, Chocolates tame used in petting zoos $400 ea

    4 yr old Zedonk- tame, used in petting zoos $2000

    email for more info [email protected]
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    Didn't see them on your site, but I google the Painted Hair Sheep. All I can say is WOW!!! Some day...
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    Aug 11, 2009
    Bloomsdale, MO
    could you post a pic of the alpacas please or pm e-mail me I have afriend who raises suris. also how old are they. thanks
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    Can deliver anywhere along Int 90 from Chamberlain, SD thru MN to Tomah, WI.
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    Also headed to Missouri last week of Sept and to Fort Worth, Texas end of month.
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    OH OH OH thats so cool! too bad we don't have a fenced in yard...or a barn. [​IMG]
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    Apr 19, 2008
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    ARGH! I want another skunk!

    If only you had posted this next year when I might have the money. [​IMG]

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