Announcing A Brand New Buy Sell Auction System!

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Starting now, all new items for sale must be placed using the new "Auction / Listings" system.

First read and agree to the BYC BSA Rules and make sure you understand and agree to them.

1. Go to the BSA section that best matches the item you are going to list for sale.
2. Click the "Post new auction" link to the top right of the page.
3. Enter a listing subject
4. Select the listing type:
a. Auction – People bid on your item until a specific end date. You can set a minimum price and a “reserve price” for your item.
b. Buy It Now – First person willing to buy your item for the listed price gets it.
5. Enter a link to an image of the item (must be in the format
6. Enter more details, pictures, shipping information, location, etc. into the Message area.
7. Click Submit

Members can bid or buy your item.

If you are giving away a "Free" item just list it as "Buy It Now" and put $0.00 as the price.

Once the listing has ended you will be notified via PM. At that point you and the buyer can leave each other feedback.

The new feedback system will need to be reset (erased) in about two weeks for an upgrade. Please wait until then to use the NEW feedback system tied to BSA Listings.

IMPORTANT: Make absolutely sure you are leaving proper feedback at the end of a fully completed transaction. If you change your mind about the feedback you left we will not change it.

All BSA listings can be found here:

Searching for local listings:

Each seller must enter their state before selling. This makes it easy for buyers to look for sellers in their area. To search for marans eggs in your state just do the following:
1. Go to the BYC Search page:
2. In
the “Keyword search” field type marans
3. Under “Forum” select “Hatching Chicken Eggs”
4. Under “Select which country to search” select your country then state (leave region as “all”).
5. Click Submit

REMEMBER: This is just version 1.0! We have a LOT of things we'll be doing / adding to improve the system, but we wanted to get this into your hands as soon as possible to start playing with it.

Any questions about this new system, post them here!

UPDATE - All "Wanted To Buy" items MUST go into the new "Wanted To Buy" section here. They are not required to have the subject line "WTB" but that still might be helpful to add.
WOW!!! This will be great!

No worries, RedHen... it's just like a new cell phone.. It may take a few weeks to get the hang of it, but with all the new gadgets and features, it is sooooooooooooo worth it!
Im too skeered to go first...

Do you think the Hatching Chicken Eggs - Buy Sell Trade should be renamed to Hatching Chicken Eggs - Wanted?
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