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We're excited to announce a brand new & exciting Buy Sell Auction (BSA) system. Starting now, all new items for sale must be placed using the new "Auction / Listings" system.

First read and agree to the BYC BSA Rules and make sure you understand and agree to them.

1. Go to the BSA section that best matches the item you are going to list for sale.
2. Click the "Post new auction" link to the top right of the page.
3. Enter a listing subject
4. Select the listing type:
a. Auction – People bid on your item until a specific end date. You can set a minimum price and a “reserve price” for your item.
b. Buy It Now – First person willing to buy your item for the listed price gets it.
5. Enter a link to an image of the item (must be in the format
6. Enter more details, pictures, shipping information, location, etc. into the Message area.
7. Click Submit

Members can bid or buy your item.

If you are giving away a "Free" item just list it as "Buy It Now" and put $0.00 as the price.

Once the listing has ended you will be notified via PM. At that point you and the buyer can leave each other feedback.

The new feedback system has been reset. Please see this post:

IMPORTANT: Make absolutely sure you are leaving proper feedback at the end of a fully completed transaction. If you change your mind about the feedback you left we will not change it.

All BSA listings can be found here:

Searching for local listings:

Each seller must enter their state before selling. This makes it easy for buyers to look for sellers in their area. To search for marans eggs in your state just do the following:
1. Go to the BYC Search page:
2. In
the “Keyword search” field type marans
3. Under “Forum” select “Hatching Chicken Eggs”
4. Under “Select which country to search” select your country then state (leave region as “all”).
5. Click Submit

REMEMBER: This is just version 1.0! We have a LOT of things we'll be doing / adding to improve the system, but we wanted to get this into your hands as soon as possible to start playing with it.

Any questions about this new system, post them here!

UPDATE - All "Wanted To Buy" items MUST go into the new "Wanted To Buy" section here. They are not required to have the subject line "WTB" but that still might be helpful to add.
Ok, I asked this on the last thread, but it didn't get answered, so I'll ask again if that's ok.

Do you think in the future there could be an option to relist an auction that doesn't sell?

Also, just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and trying to make everything run smoothly...I don't envy your job!
A few good questions from the other thread:

Yes, you can put a link to your items in your sig line, but it must be clean and not "over the top". We don't like to setup rules on things unless we see them being abused, so as long as people do this in moderation it is fine.

That should be fine.

Any locked topics are from members posting using the old format and not the new format after the announcement was made. All items for sale must use the "Post Item For Sale" link and not the "New Topic" button.

We want to stay away from "per listing" and "end item" fees. We don't want to become ebay... we just want to make the system easier for our community and our staff to use and manage.

We will have an option for anybody wanting to sell more than 10 items per 30 day period. It will be something like a new membership group, but we're still working out the details. So far, nobody has even reached their GFM limit.

We try to promote GFMs all the time. We put them in newsletters, a link at the top of every page, and give them away all the time in contests, random acts of kindness, etc. In fact we're giving two away today to 2 members who won them at a chickenstock.

A section on site improvement? You mean like this 40 page thread?

The Breeders / Hatcheries section should be used the same way it always has been and we won't allow it to turn into a marketing & advertising section. We've discussed removing or changing this section of the forum and any abuse of that section will hasten the decision.

Unless it becomes heavily abused, this should be fine.
Just wanted to say Thanks for running this first and for most! I work with a local horse club and I understand what it takes to keep something goin and try to have everyone happy. I couldn't imagine having to do it for 40,000++ people. What makes one person happy makes another misrable.

However I guess all I'm tryin to figure out is, is the 10 limit for GFM a set in stone deal? if so what does that mean for the "power seller" that sales more? Is it going to be a fee included in the GFM membership thats extra, a percentage on sales or is it that thats the MAX limit?

I also made the statement about closeing an auction if anyone hasn't bid and it not count against you "think that stired up a lil stink". I know that could be abused to some extent but I was meaning as in, if you messed up on the auction and needed to relist it, and maybe a few times closeing it if you've posted and no one has bid/bought them. Not a continueous thing.

As a seller I'm concerned on how I need to do things this month, and as a GFM I've alreay used 4 of my listings in 2 days so when I use my other 6 what are my options?? Pay some fee on here?, or list else where?

I Love BYC and its memebers and Like offering what I have to them first. I love the fact that its more personal than the other sites. I think once everyone gets used to the new system they will see that it still is. However I would like to know how things are goin to go with the limits, so I can continue to conduct my business without worrying if I'm "out of turns"
Any locked topics are from members posting using the old format and not the new format after the announcement was made. All items for sale must use the "Post Item For Sale" link and not the "New Topic" button.

Im sorry! One more question-- I just want to get this right before I give it a try! the new format you can click on "Post items for sale" and list your item in an auction or you can click on "New Topic" and you are ONLY allowed to post WANTED ads? Is that correct?
Would it be more self-explanatory to have the New Topic button say "Post Want Ad"? Might save the Mods a little time in locking all the threads of people who have not read about the new system.....
I know that I got a PM (when trying it out) that told me I was outbid... maybe you also get one to tell you that you have won?

Can you subscribe to the "topics"? I think that you can if I remember correctly...
Then you would be notified if someone posted below the auction.
I have a question that I don't believe has been asked yet. If I buy a GFM, and you provide a free membership to my hubby, then can I list 10 items and he also list 10 items per month?

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