Annoyed by false advertising and shady people

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by ThePinkCoop, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Apr 4, 2013
    Just having a vent. I purchased 2 dozen "Black East Indie" hatching eggs. Out of those, I was blessed with 9 duckling last spring. Not great odds, but given I purchased from 2 different sources, and only one of those sources actually sent fertile eggs, I was impressed. Long story short, I have 2 full grown females. One was born completely lame so she is a house duck and lives with a blind silkie. She is spoiled and pampered, and what my son calls a "carry around duck" so the neighborhood kids love her.

    The other one lives happily with a trio of call ducks. However, here is where the major vent comes in. She is 3 times larger than the call ducks. I live in town and intentionally sought out the Black East Indies because they are a bantam breed. It is now clear, she is instead a Cayuga. Because she is much bigger than the other ducks, she is often left behind and picked on. I don't know if I should find her a mate or a new home. She isn't a problem, but she is lonely.

    They must see me coming, I swear. I now also have a newly crowing Chocolate Orpington pullet, a newly crowing blue splash Cochin pullet, and a white face black spanish that was supposed to be a Sumatra. Supposedly sexed but they were too young to tell by looking when I got them. Ok so that isn't a 100% guarantee, but the Sumatra?? Really?

    I think I am going to stick with hatchery chicks from now on. blah!
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    Sep 19, 2010
    Did you ever see any of the parent stock of the eggs/chicks you purchased? Buying poultry from individuals can sometimes be a crapshoot. Maybe look for people that are NPIP certified, I know it doesn't automatically mean they will be honest people, but it does give one a sense of professionalism in my opinion. Hope your next go round is more successful! [​IMG]
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    Jul 14, 2009
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    I've spent a small fortune in years past buying peacock eggs to hatch on my own.Besides some arriving scrambled,or air sacks detached,of the ones that visually looked okay,very few hatched.Your reference to fertile eggs brought back a memory I had when I won an auction off e-bay for some Cameo peafowl eggs,offer was for 5 eggs,with any extras. On top of the seller shipping them on a thursday,they also made the mistake of writing on each egg,the date it was laid.I recieved 7 eggs,and by the dates on the eggs,all was well over 10 days old when I got them. So I wrote them a note,and they agreed to ship me 5 eggs if I paid the postage. Not one of the first 7 eggs developed,and after not seeing any bloodveins in the second group of 5 that was sent,I decided to break them open,looking for the bullseye as proof they were fertile,,nothing-notta,,all were plain eggs.
    This is one reason I stopped throwing money into the wind buying peafowl eggs,and just ponyeed up the money to buy live birds.Not everyone is as honest as they appear.No matter how great they seem on the outside.

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