Annoying neighbor rant- They wanna KILL my dogs!! longish story....

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    Ok, so heres the deal (and this is actually the short version!)

    Last Christmas my neighbors let their 7 year old GD come to our house with their Lab dog (Lucky is his name) There were no adults with her. I was unaware their dog was at our house, but we never had trouble with him before... Well, my 5 pound Chihuahua decided Lucky was a threat and started barking at him and dancing around his feet. Lucky decided she was a prey/toy and proceeded to pick her up and shake her, then tossed her, then went after her 2 more times, each time, he grabbed her and shook her and tossed her. All my kids saw this happen. My 10 year old son finally managed to grab her and run her into me.

    We took her to the vet of course. She had many broken ribs and internal damage. I went to our neighbors and asked them if they were going to pat the bill, since THEIR dog was at OUR house, UNSUPERVISED and it had done the damage. They said that we should file a claim with OUR homeowners insurance and that it was OUR dogs fault because she was barking at their dog! In the end, I harrassed them enough that I got them to pay 375 bucks of an almost 900 dollar vet bill. It was a week till Christmas and my daughters dog she has had for years. They honestly didnt care if our dog died- and right before Christams!!

    More background- we are currently renting our house, we havent decided if we want to buy this property or not yet, but we've been here 2 years already. We have 3 small dogs, 1 chihuahua and 2 Boston terriers. Now, honestly,our dogs dont always listen to us, and they do often run into said neighbors yard and bark at their dog. Go ahead... yell at me for not having perfectly trained dogs way out here in the country with only 1 neighbor....I deserve it, I know, and I'm working on it. That worst offender is just a puppy right now, so training is ongoing and my children let her out without my permission.

    Aaaaaaannny ways, the neighbors have finally decided to put up a fence. A fence with holes big enough for my dogs to get through, but not their dog to get through. We arent going to spend thousands of dollars fencing in a 2 acre place we may not buy, so us fencing is not gonna work. I wish I could though.
    Today my DH went down to talk to the neighbors to be friendly as always. The husband and wife were both there. The neighbor made it a point to say that there are places in his fence our dogs could get through and that their dog will get them and kill them and it wouldnt be their fault. Who says that kind of thing to their neighbor? Its like they cant wait till it happens. They complained that our dogs bark and wake them up from naps! Lets just ignore the 160 sheep in the field next door to their house that bleet all day and night, my tiny dogs wake them up?!?!
    His withering comment was to ask 'Just how many kids do you guys have in that tiny house'? Well, A. Thats none of his business and B. How RUDE! I hate when people act like children are a bad thing! He's SOOOO FREAKING LUCKY I didnt call the pound and have his dog destroyed after what it did to our dog. I would have been within my rights to do so, but I figured he loves his dog, and he DID pay something, so I would just live and let live. He also fenced his dog in, in a BIG area behind his house. Guess that wasnt good enough- his dog needs the whole two acres to run. I'm positive it will run the fence line between our properties and taunt our dogs into going onto his property so it can kill them.

    I'm so worked up right now I dont know what to do. Obviously I will be uber vigilant with my dogs. I will double up on training for sure. I know he is building a fence, but he is skipping the part that runs along the side of his property that has a big pasture on the other side. His dog can and has gone through that fence to chase my hens in the past. I hate to have to pen up my girls because this jerk has some kind of vendetta against my dogs. I'm lucky that so far my dogs leave my flock alone, but I keep a very close eye on them when I let them free range.

    So heres the part many wont like- If their dog comes into my yard, I intend to shoot to kill. Triple S's as far as I'm concerned. I am so dissapointed that my neighbor is so nasty and mean to us. I have invited them over numerous times in the past for parties and BBQ's and his wife says, and I quote- "We dont have time for idle chit chat" She said this to me the first day I met her. She a total B I.... I feel sorry for her family. They both work everyday and are gone most weekends, dont know why they are so upset over noise they rarely hear.

    I am seriously considering a great BIG coop just STUFFED with roosters, and putting it right up to our joining fence line- think that might interrupt his nappy time a bit? Already checked my zoning laws- I can have up to 48 hens and there is NOTHING in the books about roosters!! Hmmmmm, now to decide if I'm really capable of such evilness....[​IMG]
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    Honestly.. if you care about your dogs.. keep them out of your neighbors yard. Not sure why you seem to have a problem with this? They sound like they did the right thing and put up a fence... And you need to do the right thing too....
    like they said.. dont complain of your dogs go into their yard and they get killed. It will be 100% your fault... not theirs in ANY way.
    Sorry, i'm just being honest with you in hopes to save your dogs lives...
    Now.. if their dog comes into your yard.. then its a whole 'nother story ....
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    Oh, get some long crowers. I hear they make revenge ever so fun. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    How about getting a wireless electric fence. Its a hub (unit) placed in the house with a specified perimeter perhaps 100 feet around the hub. The dogs will get a little zap if they go at or past the barrier. They are relatively cheap and will keep your little dogs safe from your neighbor and his Lab. The zap fells like when you touch a 9volt battery with your tongue, shocking but not painful.

    Here's a link to one brand:
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    You might not like what I have to say, but you have to keep your dog out of thier yard just like they should keep thiers out of yours. I think you should consider builing your dog a safe kennel/yard of it's own. It needn't be large for a dog like yours. OR take the dogs owners to small claims for the remainder of the vet bill from the time thier dog attacked yours. Most likely they will lose and be forced to pay and you can use the money to build a better fence.
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Oh, good Lord. Seriously? You are going to seriously be angry at your neighbor if YOUR dogs go into HIS yard through HIS fence? Do you really want my honest opinion? I don't think you do. From your post it is apparent that you don't cage your chickens nor your dogs and you are upset with your neighbor about the potential for your uncaged animals to get hurt? Please tell me you are joking.

    I, personally, have ZERO respect for people that use living in the country as an excuse to not properly cage their animals, including their dogs. At least your neighbor is making an attempt at doing it (you apparently are not). My husband and I just took a 45 minute drive a couple weeks ago to look at a property for sale and could not even get out of the car because the neighbor's dogs were snapping at us. So irritating. Living next to someone that let's their dogs run like that would be an absolute living nightmare.
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    dont fence in your entire yard do what we did - built a nice 32 x 16 foot dog run with welded no climb fencing cheaper then those underground electric fences - You shouldnt expect your neighbors to keep your dogs out of their yard. or buy an electric fence and put a wire around your yard or along neighbors fence. You shouldnt expect your neighbors to keep your dogs out of their yard. take responsibility for your dogs and do right. i would be super ticked if my neighbors dogs came over and harassed my dogs no matter what size they were big ole rotties or annoying yapping little things. either way its not my job to keep other peoples animals out its my job to keep mine in and safe.
  7. kaddidle

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    Mar 23, 2010
    It's the responsibility of dog owners to keep their animals properly contained and it sounds like your neighbors are doing the right thing by fencing their dog. Now you just need to be responsible for keeping your dogs out of their yard and everything should be fine. You could leash your dogs or put up a temporary fence around a small area that you can take with you when you move. The invisible fence is another good idea that would be portable if you decided to move. If the problem is that your kids are letting your dogs out, then your kids might need some training. My godchildren have been around my dogs since they were born and from the time that they were old enough to open a door they knew not to let the dogs out of it. My dogs also know not to try to push past the kids to get out of the door.

    Sometimes the dogs and kids do conspire to break rules together, when the dogs break their "no eating people food from the table" rule because the kids are breaking their "eat all your vegetables" rule by feeding Brussels sprouts to the dogs.
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    there a lot of places that will let you keep roosters until they have to enforce a noise ordinance......
  9. Tala

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    It is YOUR responsibility to keep YOUR animals on YOUR own poperty. Period.

    If my dog is INSIDE MY fenced yard, and she eats your yapper for lunch, then she is doing what she is SUPPOSED to be doing --- which is guard the flock and house from STRANGERS - both people and animal. I wouldn't expect anything less out of her.
  10. Hens_And_Chicks

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Chicken wire and plastic zip ties are CHEAP! A cheap investment to protect YOUR dogs and prevent further anguish. Just as you do not want your neighbor's dogs on your property, your neighbors obviously do not want your dogs on his property either. He has taken the precautionary steps to prevent his dogs from coming onto your property. Just because you do not want to spend a lot of money on fence because you do not own the property does not excuse you from liability or responsibility.

    I have horses and do not want anybody's dogs on my property at any time. I would shoot to kill. I have no compassion for loose dogs, especially if they are harrassing my animals (including my chickens).

    And I agree - living in the country excuses no one from being responsible about keeping their animals contained.

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