Annual Run Maintenance???

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    Apr 7, 2010
    Winter is coming to a close soon and spring is almost here, what do people do about the run for the girls? Is there any annual maintenance that should be done? My girls have pretty much decimated the ground in the run over the winter, should I shovel out part of the run and put down new material? If so what should I use? Thanks.
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    What's in the run now? If it's just dirt, then I'd opt for adding several inches of sand (2x4s or 2x6s around the bottom perimeter will retain it). Sand drains well and is very easy to keep clean. Sand is only about $15 - $20 a ton at most landscaping/mulch/gravel companies.
    If you stay with dirt, just rake things out really well with a fine tined rake, followed by once a week rakings. But it will get muddy when it rains (which is why I like sand).
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    Add a thick fresh layer of fallen leaves, pine straw/pine needles over the dirt. Maybe scratch up the top layer of dirt for insect egg control first. I've added DE to my run's leaf layer & there are products like Stall-Dry and/or Dry-Stall (both)
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