Another bad dream...ahh!

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    Aug 19, 2008
    well I had yet ANOTHER weasel dream last night! [​IMG] I think that's like the 6th+ one since last year when it got 3 of our chickens, then disappeared. But luckily this one was not as frightening as the others.
    I was going out to the chicken coop to visit the chickens and my beloved Red Star pullet, Cinnamon. [​IMG] (in real life we have been covering up open areas that go under the coop with dirt, so we will notice if the weasel comes back by seeing holes that are dug up in the dirt). And when I went out there, I saw a hole that led under the chicken coop and it hadn't been there before. [​IMG] Then I thought that maybe the weasel had made the hole! Because last year it had lived under the coop without anyone knowing until the attack. [​IMG] [​IMG] So anyway, I ran inside and told my dad, panicking, because what if he/she really was under there? What if the he/she attacked and killed one or more of the chickens again? And most importantly, what if it got Cinnamon?
    So we immediately began examining under the coop. We couldn't see anything, but you know how slick and slippery weasels can be. So we set up a live trap outside the run. But I still felt that the chickens(and Cinnamon) were not completely safe at all. Then I woke up.

    I'm telling, these bad dreams and nightmares are not a good sign at all...we have been planning on "weasel-proofing" the coop as best we could, but dad has been holding it off because he's busy. And I only have every other weekend to visit him and work on it, and that leaves only 2 days out of 1-2 weeks. Once school gets out I will have more time to work on the coop, but what if the weasel comes back before June gets here??? He did last time... [​IMG]

    Sigh....when will these bad dreams end!? (probably when I feel that they are safe..) [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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