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So the guy I got her from said it was a hen. I thought she looked big and had a big comb and wattles. But I thought the black australorpe I had was a rooster at first until he told me it was indeed a hen. And it was. Everything was fine. Cleaning out the coop today and she lets out a pretty good crow! It didn't sound like Roger my rooster. It was Lucy the barred rock.... well maybe Leon now :( I think she looks like a rooster, I'm still hoping I'm wrong. What do you think?


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Rooster, but not a pure barred Rock.

Absolutely, I agree with Rachel here that he is not pure. I did not mention that, my mistake. He is either a Black Sex Link or he is just a male with a barred parent in the mix because he carries only one barring gene-pure BR roosters have two barring genes, making them lighter in color. And a pure BR would have uniform barring as well.

I have a barred rooster who has NO Barred Rock in him. He gets the barring from his Delaware sire. His mother is solid black. He has that gold and other off color in his plumage like yours does.
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