Another blind chicken.

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    I had a rooster suddenly go blind over the summer. His eyes didn't go cloudy or anything, it just became apparent that he couldn't see.

    I had another hen suddenly go blind. Her eyes are bluish and hazy, like blind eyes. No other symptoms with either bird.

    Now my rooster is acting funny. Not blind, but lethargic and not roosting tonight but sitting on the coop floor.

    What could be going on??

    They hadn't been free ranging in a while before this most recent blind hen and sickly rooster, so they couldn't have gotten into anything. I've since then let them out to free range, thinking it might perk the rooster up a bit, but so far he's not better.

    (The blind hen has died, most likely from starvation or dehydration. I was helping her eat and drink as much as I could but just didn't have the time to devote to her care since I've been working two jobs.)
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    Ocular Marek's?

    ETA- Sarcoptic mange?
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