Another Broody??!!!


◊The Spontaneous Pullet!◊
11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Guess what? We have a second broody!!!! This time it's Pumpkin, our buff Cochin Bantam pullet. Yes, she's not even a year old yet and she's officially broody!
I'm not sure how long she has been sitting on the eggs, but I would say that it's been about a week or so now. She is sitting on 2 Red StarXRhode Island Red eggs, some of her own eggs, some blue colored Ameraucana eggs, and some Buff OrpXSplash Cochin eggs. Her own eggs and the Ameraucana eggs aren't going to hatch because Raven(the Ameraucana) and Pumpkin share a coop and run and we don't have any small roosters for them. The RIR and Splash Cochin are too big for them.

But anyways, we are hoping that the Splash CochinXBuff Orp eggs hatch.
I will candle them this weekend, but then I go to camp for a week, so I will have to wait until two weeks before I post updates for you guys.

I can't wait!
I wish Pumpkin's own eggs would hatch; her babies would be SO tiny! Anyone have a bantam rooster that they are looking to sell in Maine?


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