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  1. Gresh

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    Jul 9, 2011
    North Carolina
    I posted something similar to this awhile ago and didn't get much in response. I've googled breeders in NC and got nothing but off-topic crap as the search result. This is my only hope! I need anyone in NC who breeds the following breeds to please tell me here so that I can save myself the trouble of buying from a hatchery or out-of-state breeder. Also, if you know someone who is in NC and breeds these breeds, please let me know.

    Here are the breeds:
    1. Russian Orloff
    2. Speckled Sussex
    3. Chantecler
    4. Old English Game
    5. Sumatra
    6. Cornish
    7. Ameracauna
    8. Easter Egger (not really a breed)

    I do not care what color varieties you offer, and, except for Cornish, I will accept Bantam or Large Fowl (I do not want Bantam Cornish). MUST live in North Carolina. Also, I do NOT want hatchery-stock birds if they do not meet the weights the SOP calls for, or if they look entirely different than what they should as a breed in anatomy. I will accept birds that are hatchery stock ONLY if they meet the right weights and anatomy. (For example, if you sell Russian Orloffs that have the correct anatomy {walnut comb, oriental gamefowl posture, beard, muffs} and the correct weight {8.5 lbs. for males and 7 lbs. for females}, but not the right color--say, too much white in the Speckled variety--I will take them anyway.) Please inform me of what you sell (hatching eggs vs. chicks) and how much ten hatching eggs or chicks would cost.

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  2. ilovemydog

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    Mar 14, 2011
    OZBERT FARMS, in wendell, NC
  3. SuttonHeritageFarm

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    Apr 30, 2011
    Jackson Springs, NC
    I have OEGs, EEs and Ameruacanas.

    We currently offer hatching eggs and chicks possibly.

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