another chick with a bloody tail

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    Mar 11, 2007
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    I found another chick with a bloody tail today. this makes 2 in 2 days. I don't have room to isolate each of my 10 chicks! Currently I have 7 in the main brooder a huge 50 gal rubbermaid tub, 2 in a 40 gal tub and my deformed baby in a box in the house.( the rest are in the garage) I have taken the heat off of them as it was 85 today and gets down to about the upper 60's outside so I think probably gets into the 70's in the garage. My heat lamp exploded yesterday anyway, I think because I had it on the window screen I have covering the brooder. I went to find blu-kote but the store was out so I got something called purple lotion, an antiseptic with purple-blue coloring in it. So I put that on the 2 injured chicks and put them together in the 40 gal tub. I also got more food that is 20% protein, I'm honestly not sure of hte protein content of my original starter/mash. THe new stuff is Dumor brand.
    What else can I do? these chicks are 3 weeks old and cant go out into the coop yet(it isn't built yet anyway, that is the project for the weekend). I only plan to keep 4 of these chicks and although I bought sexed pullets from Ideal I think that 2 at least are cockerels. Thanks!
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    We had a chick that was pecked until it made a sore and then they really pecked the poor thing. So I separated it from the others and, of couse, it was miserable. So I stopped by the feed store and asked for something to prevent pecking. The guy told me they didn't have anything, but when he was growing up whenever this happened in his mother's flock she would put a dab of black shoe polish on the sore. It camoflagued the sore so the chicks no longer saw it and the alchohol aided in healing. I gave it a try and sure enough it worked! [​IMG] To my amazement, it worked and latter that day I put it back in with the rest of the chicks and have not had another problem.
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