Another chicken story-Mean, the Barred Rock

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    I don't know how I really came into the world. I know about moments before I did, I was surround by wet, dark things that still scare me, thinking I was stuck in there. But, when I saw the world and brown oval shaped things around me, I thought I would stay there trapped in a hot box. But, no, some one picked me up and put me into yet another box and I was put into a horrible smelling thing and driven to my new home.

    Chapter one:

    I was put into a thing called a "aquairum" (Dunno if that was spelled right, but you know, the thing the put fish into) as a "brooder" whatever those things are. I was surrounded by other chicks, some black, and some the same color as me. I could see things outside of it glass windows. People, or the Hands, as the other chicks nicknamed them. I wasn't scared of them, but when they reached down and pick the chick beside me up I almost screamed. They through it into the air and let out odd noises, not like a chirp. One quickly grabbed the chick and put it down roughly but into the brooder. I looked up, and knew the Hands would cause trouble.

    Well, how is it?
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    I like how the chick is referring to the humans as "the Hands." How creative! [​IMG]
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    Quote:agreed. There should be a book published of everyones "chick flicks" LOL

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