Another couple of bad eggs


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
st.john's mi
I have tossed out 2more eggs and tonight it looked like I could really toss 3more so that only leaves me with 5 out of 12.I have the still air incub.from tractor supply.I have had a temp.spike to about 104.7 for a couple of hours at the most.4 of the eggs were not fertile I don't think.I have accurate humidity and have turned 3x/d.Don't know how reliable the eggs were in the first place eggs from a friend of a friend type of deal.Do think it is the incubator and I should up grade? Just looking for a small 10chicken hobby set up with my chickens.
What day did you candle?
Do you know why there was a temp spike?
I know a lot of people use the still air successfully, so I think you can make it work.
On the other hand, if you are looking for an excuse to buy another bator,
then yeah you should definitely get another one. . . . . . . . . . . maybe two
LOL!! I candled from day 8 til now which is day 12.It was not evident to me until at least day 10 to make the decision to toss out the 4 eggs that were not developing.The other questionable 3 i have not pitched yet since I don't want to make a mistake.The temp.spike was my fault too.So it is good to know that the still air bators can work... I think I will keep with my bator and just get another batch of eggs ... Thanks But I do know what you mean about making excuses to yourself to justify the means sounds like me and all of my dogs... LOL
The basic still air LG's can be difficult. You can use a surge protector to help with temp spikes. Alos keep it in a room that has the least amount of traffic and temp changes. When you plan to incubate try to keep the incubator full. If you can't fill it with eggs then use sealed jars of warm water to act as a heat sink and keep temps from flunctuating too much.

Good luck on your hatch.

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