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    My 2nd chicken died today, let me explain. I had 5 young chickens bout 7 weeks old, then i got 4 young chickens but older than the others about 14 weeks old. Over time, 1 of the older 4 took alpha hen position of the flock. 2 of the young 5 turned out to be roos.
    Now ive had them all for 3 months they are at an age where the roos are getting their feathers and looking and acting more like males. (Also i understand my roo to hen ratio is out of whack with the 2 roos, dealing with that soon) is it possible that the roos got violent with the alpha hen to take leadership of the flock?
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    There really is no way to tell what the cause of death was.

    Did you examine the bodies to see if there was any injury to the chickens? (bloody, plucked feathers, broken neck, wounds, etc.)
    Anyone show any signs of illness before death? (lethargic, not eating/drinking, hiding, fluffed up, huddling, respiratory illness)

    It's possible, but very unlikely that a rooster killed the chickens. How much room do you have for them?

    With 2 dead in a short period of time, it would be a good idea to have a necropsy performed. This will help to determine whether it is an illness you are dealing with or if you have a problem in flock dynamics.

    Necropsy and State labs

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