Another Dog attack!! My Judy is dead!!


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
The Dalles OR
Well I am another victim of a neighbors dog killing my chicken!! Here is what happened. We went out of town from Mountain Home Idaho to Walla Walla Washington. 292 miles. My Dh had to go take a test for a job with the Army corp of Engineers. We left Thursday at noon, It is a four hour drive. We just get to our hotel our young sons in the pool, our older son who stayed home calls us screaming the stupied neighbors dog was in our fence killing our chickens.

We have a chain link fence I cannot figure out what is going on. My dh is on his cell phone, I am on mine to the police. It was a total mess I am crying the little boys crying, my older son is crying My husband is SO VERY MAD. And we are 4 hours from home, and my dh has to take the test the next day!! So we call friends to come help our poor son. the cops came and told the neighbor they had to pay for the damage, We lost our top hen Judy we called her big butty Judy, My dh favorite hen. The dog jump through a window in our barn, after it knocked the screen out. I am in shock that this dog went to all this trouble to break out of his yard then into ours and then in a window that was blocked. We have had chickens for some time what made this dog snap?

Well after the test we came home very fast, as my son thought 2 other hens were hurt. Which they were not thank god! I have yet to go talk to the neighbor, I may say something not vey nice, but as far As i can tell the dog is gone! It alway barked all day long. So know we have to have a funeral for Judy. Our poor little hen did not die a fast death she was ripped up bad. Sorry for the long story I just knew you all would understand.
I'm sorry, I live in fear of neighborhood dog attacks. I hope your family recovers quickly.
Sorry to hear about your hen. Wednesday my mom come in my house all up set. Talking about the 2 dogs that live next door to us. She said they came after her growling and didn't stop when she yelled at them. She said she started waving her arms and yelling and she said they backed off. This is not the first time this has happen and I called the owners and the wife got mad. She said her dogs were not mean and wouldn't bite anyone. I was mad and told her I would call animal control if I seen them in the yard again. Then her husband called me a little bit later and said he was sorry and if I knew where they came through fence at. I told him to fix it and to keep his dogs on his side of the property. That they tried to attack my Mom and that my mom is 62 years old and has back and hip problems and wouldn't be able to get away from them if they had run after her. I've not seen the dogs since then so I hope he keeps them up or next time it won't be very nice for the dogs!
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I'm sorry you lost your girl, that's just awful and it's even worse when you are away from home and can't be where your heart tells you you need to be. I hope your kids are OK, I'm sure this was very upsetting for them as well.
I am so sorry for your loss - I understand all to well about neighbors and thier dogs - my little banty roo was attacked a few days ago - thankfully he is fine now.
If they got rid of the dog I hope that means you and your family can relax and not worry about it coming back. I am sure you already did this but give your older son a huge hug from all of us here - poor kid having to deal with all that mess.


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