Another duckling killed UPDATE Found THE culprit.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by featherfooted, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Another duckling was killed last night, but this time it was not eaten. I've had 3 snowy Mallard ducklings come up missing. 2 were lost the same night and were a week old. The other about a week later. All were locked in a separate pen inside my coop with their Mother. I figured it must be a snake that got them. I moved the remaining ducklings to the brooder and moved some older ducklings and their "Mom chicken" into that pen as these ducklings are almost 4 weeks old and about a foot tall thinking they would be safe as they were so big. I guess I was wrong as I found one dead in their pen this morning. Nothing else in the coop was bothered. Could this snake have killed this duckling even with it being so big? The neck feathers look slicked down like it had tried to eat it but couldn't. I have silkies in the coop that are smaller that this duckling, but none were bothered. If not a snake what else would kill and leave 1 duckling? They were all healthy and running around last night. Here's a picture of the duckling.


    Found a 5 foot black rat snake in the coop late this afternoon. My son caught him and we released him in some woods about 8 miles away. I hope hit stays there as to come back it will have to cross interstate 75.
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    So sorry for your loss yes a black snake can and will kill a larger bird...
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    Oh so sorry for your loss! You must be so heart broken! I know snakes are supposed to be good, especially around a barn or garden but I just don't like them around my property. Thankfully I haven't seen any in a long time. But at our house on the water, there is a pair, male and female black rat snakes that live under my neighbor's shed. I caught the snakes mating a few weeks ago so I am sure we will have little ones soon. YUCK!!!!
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    You are good people glad your relocated him instead of killing. Sorry for your loss

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