Another Forrest Gump Special! 26+ Eggs for $5--GONE /GA

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You must pick them up, no shipping. Most are from my main laying flock, all Barred Rock roosters over various breed hens. Among the moms could be:

RIRs breeder quality
Buff Orpington
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Golden Laced Wyandotte
New Hampshire Red
Speckled Sussex
Blue, Black, and Splash Ameraucana
EE--Blue Wheaten-looking coloration, poss. a true Amer color cross
Barred Plymouth Rock
Light Brahma
Buff Brahma

The others are from the Blue Orpington pen with Suede as the sire:
Meg, my big RIR-Buff Orp cross
Skye, my big dark blue hen
Smoky, my younger lighter blue hen

The catch is that you must pick them up here, no shipping. Great for locals who just want to hatch some and dont mind a variety. These are all standard breeds and very healthy.
The Ameraucanas will make Barred Easter Eggers who should lay green eggs.
They are from today's collection and I'd like to arrange pickup by Tuesday at the latest. I have 22 and could have a couple more by the end of today.
Cash/Pickup Only I am close to the juncture of TN/NC/GA, right at the NC line in Fannin County so you can tell if you're within driving distance. Thanks!
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