another frizzle gender question


Jun 8, 2009
Harpers Ferry, WV
i saw the last thread on telling the difference in male & female frizzles, but im still confused. so, what is this one?? any guesses? im not sure the age, a few monthes i think.

i really appreciate all the help & feedback. i am learning soo much from all of you.



i know the silkie is a male!
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Can you can tell me a few things about the bird?
Maybe look at the tail?

I will give you a crash course to help you.
So here is a good way to tell... Look at the tail. All around tips of the feathers. Are there anymore large tail feathers (man feathers) coming in or is the tail fully grown in? Look around good.
If so what is the shape of the feathers? are they more pointy or are they more rounded then the feathers all ready grown in?.
If you ever see any of it then it is most likely a boy.

I am not quite sure But I am going to say Male
Just because by its looks. See those fancy longer feathers comeing off the back on the first picture? just around the tail? and they are more pointy and long, traveling up the back to the hackle
Hens have their backs frizzled but the feathers are more rounded.

I know some people are going to say hen. But keep what I said in mind and go have a look at your bird and see for yourself... And if you don't see what I said after you looked then its a hen..
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Part of the telling also depends on what kind of frizzle it is. I think most are cochin based, but I have a frizzled Japanese banty. But your little one, if 3 months old, I would vote rooster because of the amount of read in the comb.
i love that silkie (kevin). he is my baby!! i was suppose to send him to my dad's but i cant part with him. he makes me love on him every morning. thanks

ill have to look at the frizzle tomorrow.
Umm forgot to say that the man feathers that come in will be more slender then the feathers that are there. And yeah a good way to tell is by the color of the head and how red it is.

Still going to say boy though. And he is adorable

Yeath that silkie is adorable to!
i tried to check out his feathers, but i cant tell. his feathers are so frizzly & funny, I have no idea

i was trying to get a pic of the bird today, but he wouldnt cooperate.

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