Another funny rooster story


8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
NC Foothills
This morning, I went to let the chickens out- 5 golden comet hens and 1 black copper maran/langshan roo.
Today the roo came out the door, looked at me and decided I wasn't his favorite person. He's decided this before (I know.., I know everyone says don't put up with a flogging rooster, put him in the stew pot) but today he spurred or clawed me square in the kneecap- I had on shorts...
I got out of the run, realized how much my leg HURT, was screaming in pain. I was nauseous. Clammy. I thought I was going to pass out. I was going to sit down by the coop and wait til it passed, but the longer I stood there, the worse it hurt. I had a good uphill walk back to the house. I thought about crawling. I didn't even collect the eggs.
My 9 yr old heard me screaming and came out side. Got me a cold washcloth & some gatorade. I got in the house,cleaned my leg up. Didn't even need a band-aid! My whole leg- ankle to hip feels like it's been crushed.
I'm convinced the stupid rooster's broken my kneecap somehow. I think about how I would explain that if i went for an x-ray. The wound itself wasn't bad at all- my knee cap stopped his spur or claw or whatever he got me with.
I call my husband at work, and he tells me what I told him a week ago when the rooster got him- 'It's just your attitude. He's a good rooster, we're just gonna deal with it.' *As in most couples, hubby has very low pain tolerance. I have pretty good pain tolerance- I've had 2 kids pain med free....
I called the drs office to get a tetanus shot. Told them what was going on. Didn't sound like a big deal. Get there, and when the dr. comes in she asks why I'm there. Tetanus shot. What happened that I need one? Got attacked by the rooster. Her mouth drops open and she laughs. Then she asks 'Were you holding him?' 'No.'
Now keep in mind this is a small town, most of the patients at this office are older, farmer type people. The Dr. tells me that earlier in the day she had a patient come all the way home from the beach (5 hrs away) to have a stingray attack treated, she also had a snake bite that was "really really bad" and now my rooster attack. My wound was very unimpressive. She decides to give me an antibiotic incase it starts showing signs of infection over the weekend. She tells me she has to look up what all I can get from a chicken attack so she'll know what to prescribe. She's sitting behind the desk with the receptionist, who's desk is by the 'lab chair'. 4 women- myself, the nurse, the receptionist and the Dr. They all start talking about their chickens and roosters. And I'm the one getting a tetanus shot because of mine.
The receptionist asks if he's a big rooster. I said yes. She simpathizes that 'rooster's are strong they can really hurt you'. The nurse asks what kind he is, then tells me she has Black New Jersey Giants. Then here's the Dr. 'Oh if anyone gets attacked by a prairie dog, I know how to treat that now!" flipping thru one of her books.
Give me a RX for Augmentin. I bet they will laugh at me for a long time....
Who knew? Since I've recovered from my knee injury (still hurts- amazing what you do with your knee that you take for granted- like rolling over in bed and closing drawers...) I've taken a different approach to critter chores and it's working (knock on wood.) I stand on the upper side of the ramp (further from the gate) when I open the chicken door to the house in the mornings to let them out into the run. I usually stood on the lower side and could take 2 fast backward steps out the gate. Now I stand on the upper side, and he comes down the gate and looks at me for a bit and goes on... He still might be dinner though.

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