Another gender question w/photos (BR and BA)

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by SunAndDirt, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Happy nearly-almost-so-close-I-can-smell-it SPRING!
    I couldn't wait for TSC/Co-Op to get chicks in so I Craig's listed and ended up with 2 Easter Eggers from one ad and 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Black Australorp and 1 "Buff Something-or-other" (she's a hatchery blend and I forget what she was originally called) from another ad. They were apparently all sexed at the hatchery, but I have two that I am questioning already.
    Hatch date Feb 18th, so two weeks old on Monday (March 4th).

    Barred Rocks: I have suspected (read as: convinced) that the bird on the right in both photos is a cockerel. However, as the days pass, and the other chicks "catch up" in size, I am questioning my conviction. I work in veterinary medicine and have a DVM wanting to attempt caponization, but do not want to attempt to caponize a pullet, because that would not only be hard, it would be impossible. And it has such a cute personality that if it IS a female, I absolutely want this bird in my flock.

    (darker head, the tail is usually held in a more upright position, the bird is much larger than the others- but feathering first, the legs are 1.5 times the circumference than the other BR- but she seems to be thickening, it tends to let the others eat and assumes a "look out" position, is always the first to move from the flock to investigate me, seems to have a more upright stance than the others, etc etc etc)


    And on to the Black Australorp, which I question only because I have read that white above the eyes means cockerel. If the above BR is going to be voted female, and this BA is voted male, then the BA gets caponized.




    Or I'm thinking too much and just need to let them grow up a little. I will totally accept that as an answer as well.

    Thanks for your opinions!

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Just wait and see. Hahaha, patience is hard sometimes, but it's all you've got at this point in time. Black Australorp Chicks vary in their color pattern and I sincerely doubt there is any correlation between white being above the eye and the gender. The only way you can tell by color is if the breed is considered a Sex-link type. For the most part, about half of what you hear about sexing chicks is an old wife's tale. [​IMG] Some of them are kinda funny though. I've always just been the wait and see type. It's easier, way less anxiety.
    If he turns out to be a rooster, send him on down my way, I love BAs. :]
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    Give those Barred Rocks another couple weeks and you'll know for virtual certain.

    The males of BR feather out bright, with bright white bars. (pullets are darker and the barring is much more cuckoo). The males of hatchery stock sprout pink combs and little red wattles at 5-6 weeks, so IDing the cockerels is typically very easy.
    The pullets' comb remains yellow and no wattles sprout until they are much, much older.


    Hatchery BRs


    Heritage Barred Rocks
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    Thanks, you two!

    I'm being patient because I would rather hens than a stew pot but the veterinarian is SUPER excited about a new procedure and from all the research she's done and specialists she's consulted, caponization is easiest just before the 2 weeks mark. She wants to "get in and get 'em out".
    We work in emergency, so I'm sure something interesting will present and cause her to forget about my chicks for a few days. Redirection, it works wonders for animals and people [​IMG].

    If we do end up going to surgery, I'll be making a pic heavy post for sure.

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