Another Guess that Silkie thread...what is staypuff?


Artful Wings
14 Years
Mar 1, 2009
Muskogee OK
this is staypuff, 3-4 months old



thanks, i was hoping not, but not a real crisis, other than he is in a mixed banty flock and his best friend is a BR pullet- but there is a cochin roo, what are the chances in a flock of 12 pullets and one roo that he will get along ok?
He'll probably be fine in your mixed flock. The only silkie roo I've ever owned lived in a large mixed flock with 4 other boys. He was the only feather footed breed I had at the time. I went hatch crazy that spring and ended up with 48 new chicks. I would say 85% of those chicks were his. He was the smallest, scrappiest guy in my flock.
i'll just see how things work, the roo is a cochin and a sweetheart, there are 14 hens, and a big run, so hopefully they will get along... thanks for sharing, thats a relief!

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