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  1. ANOTHER HEN WAS KILLED LAST NIGHT!!!! This time it climbed up and went in.. my boss didn't shut them into thier coop last night!!!

    I'm so P.Oed right now. it's his fault he didn't shut the coop,his fault he wouldn't let me put up stronger fencing..he says oh no they won't come back...i feel like cursing at the top of my lungs! AHHHHHHHHH! Electric fencing is getting put up right now all around the front run no ground but 6,18,24inches is that good or more. Monday I am going to get the best fencing to keep those darn things out and getting my 22 shotgun and I am going to sit out there tonight,tommorow night and shoot anything I see come around. I am so Irate right now. my poor girls gettin picked off one by one. I don't even know which one it was because I was told not to go in today but I will be posting a memorial forum for The one was was murdered last night and Miffy the one murdered monday night. [​IMG]

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  2. I'm so sorry and I'm relieved you're finally getting the adjustments you so desperately need. Tonight is the night you should get your answer if you're prepared to be there. After that there may be a break in the attempts as the predator assesses the risk. While you're at it, ask hubby to urinate on the soil at the outside corners of your run and near the spot the predator entered. Most mammal attackers are terrified by the scent of testosterone.
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    If this is, or might be, raccoons, then your wires will be too high. You want more like 4" (keep well mowed), 8", and also higher ones if you think that dogs/foxes/coyotes are a possibility. You might bait the wire with peanutbutter (turn the charger off first! <g> then don't forget to turn it back on) if you want to make sure the lesson is driven home. Raccoons can also get in from any overhanging branches/trees/shrubs or overhanging rooftops, if that's an issue.

    Please remember, though, that it isn't "murder"-- it is just animals doing what they do for a living. I'm not saying you shouldn't stop it, of course.

    Good luck,

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    Quote:That. Is. GENIUS. I am going out to the chicken yard with peanut butter RIGHT NOW. And marshmallows! I never thought of "baiting" the hot-wire. BRILLIANT.
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    Most mammal attackers are terrified by the scent of testosterone.

    wow. i feel bad for the person who had to find that out.​
  6. Well we got welded wire covering every part of the front run anything could get into. Today we are going to run a hot wire all around the outside 4 8 and 12 inches up. i I'll post pics later and get you opinion on what ya think

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