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Great forum you guys have here. I have been reading for a while and joined a couple weeks ago. This is my first post though so drinks are on me.

I finally talked my wife into getting a couple hens for eggs. Stopped by the feed store yesterday and saw these little chicks that we just had to get. My wife and kids fell in love with the litle chicks. Can't say I didn't either, lol.

We got four chicks. The sign said they were:
Barred Rocks (pullets) and Cornish Rocks (straight run). We got two of each.

The BRs look exactly like they are supposed to and I am quite certain they are pullets too.
The Cornish don't look the same as the pictures I saw in the Breed section of BYC so I thought I would confirm it with some of you who are more knowledgable then me (and probably the guys at the feed store). I'm hoping they are pullets, whatever they are.

Hopefully I can get the pics to load right.
Thanks in advance.

If different pictures/angles are needed to judge what they are or if they are pullets or not, let me know and I will take a few more.

All four of them getting a drink. The two yellow ones are about the same color. The lighting makes the one look white.




I know NOTHING about Cornish Rocks, except that they're meat birds and they grow REALLY fast, because they're supposed to be "processed" by the time they're 8 - 10 weeks old. They are hybrids and should not be bred when (if) they reach sexual maturity. They are NOT layers. They don't live very long. They're generally sold as straight run because of that; nobody's looking for layers, just tenderness. Of a specific sort.

So, for you and your kids' sake, I hope they AREN'T Cornish Rocks.

I think you'll love your Barred Rocks.

ETA: The date on your photos confused me. I thought I was gonna see some "current" grown up chickens after the chicks, but you said you bought them "yesterday."
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That makes me think...Do feed stores normally sell Cornish Rocks? Then maybe they aren't....

Becaseu you're right- a lot of times kids go to feed stores and want to raise birds - they wouldn't have the same experience with Cornish...
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Sorry about the date and time on the pics. I uploaded the pics this morning and noticed it. From here on out the date and time should be right, lol.
I went back to the breed section to look at Cornish Rocks and happen to see Cornish Cross right below it that I did not see before.
I think that's what they are.
Sorry but you'll have to butcher the cornish... They will never live to full maturity. They are to heavy and their legs break down and they will dite...
My grandparents tried to use them to start a heavier breed to live to maturity but never got the cornish fully mature. There are two types of cornish. The cornish gamebird and the cornish rock crosses for meat production.

If you choose to keep them alive to try and get them mature they will only suffer.
Looks like 2 BR's and 2 CX to me. I know my local feed store does carry CX so yes you can get them there. Hope your kids don't get too attached.
I love my Barred Rock girls and you can let me know how the butchering goes on your other too (if you decide to attempt it). I have 2 SLW cockerels with bulls-eyes on their backs. Just waiting for them to beef up some more and work up my nerve to do the butchering.
Not sure if I will be "allowed" to butcher the to X's. Wife and 10 year old both said they don't want me to. I will be giving them away and we will just have the two BRs.
I'd have no problem butchering if I were allowed.
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