Another impacted crop!

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    Dec 18, 2008
    A neighbors dog got in our yard last week when we left to have a grand baby. He came over to apologise that he had killed our bestest sweetest oldest brooding hen!! All of the others were underlings and she was the mom to all. anyway, so for several days they acted sad and wouldn't come out of the coop. THey started acting normal again but one had poopy butt, I washed that off and the next day her sister was hanging tight with her and both were just sitting. Then the second one acted like her leg was hurt and wouldn't stand up. I thought maybe the dog had injured her too but she had kept it hidden. So this morning the one with the hurt leg had died and the first sick one was still hanging on. She was drinking lots of water so i checked her crop and sure enough it was huge and squishy. she dribbled liquid when tilted forward also. I massaged her then switched the metal water to plastic and put in acv. Gave her a few drops of olive oil and massaged again. I read on here someone said to tilt her forward and make her vomit. Someone else said that could kill her.HELP !!! I lost two sweethearts and I don't want to loose another!! What should I do???

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