another ? Jersery Giants or Black Giants how are they?

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  1. We are also looking into getting some new peeps this spring. Araucana's, Buff Orpingtons, possibly a Pheonix Roo. And we found a breed called Jesery Black Giants but I dont know anyone who as even heard of them. Anyone have any and can tell me about them? [​IMG] Also info on the others would be great I have read everything I can find on them but actually talking to some who has them is always better I think. [​IMG]
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    Mar 6, 2007
    I just bought 5 of the Giants. They seem to be very nice birds, we have one, we call her Big Mama, she is big, she is friendly, greets you at the door, runs up to you every time you go to the yard, and lays everyday. We got 5 Buffs, too, and 5 Dominques. I don't think you will go wrong with the Giants.
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    Black Giants have a single comb, which is ok if you don't live where the weather gets extremely cold.
    Frostbite could be a problem then.

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    I have four Black Giant hens and I really like them. Two of the four are great broodies and will sit on eggs all summer long if I let them.

    Surprisingly they are not all that big, I have a couple Barred Rocks that are just as big.

    One of the BG hens is my particular favorite because she is just so sweet and docile, the others tend to be a little timid. They are really easy going and don't tend to pick fights with the other chickens.

    I've never had to treat them for any health problems and they are now 4 years old so that's a big plus.

    Also, I live in Minnesota and have not had any problems with frostbite with the Giants. They are very cold hardy, they don't seem to mind it when it's very cold out.

    Here is Charla, my favorite Black Giant hen.

    They're all around very nice chickens. [​IMG]
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    Mar 11, 2007
    What a pretty girl! [​IMG] She has beautiful eyes. Are all the BG eyes the same lovely color?
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    Awww! I hope the Faverolles I'm hatching now will be as sweet!

    I LOVE the napping picture--so glad all the kids in your family have had the chance to see what nice animals chickens are.
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    just a note most hatcheries that sell jersey giants are just a black chicken!!! true jersey giants are VERY rare!! to get a purebread giant you are better off going to a private breeder
  9. Thank you all for the info. [​IMG] Any one have some info on the other breeds I mentioned?

    keljonman- you live in Monatana, how were your chicks from Mcmurray? That is were we are thinking of getting ours from. We have really been undesided in what to get. I really like the looks of the rare breeds that they carry but my hubby is worried about shipping them so far. We are in Pa.
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