Another Jumbo egg today

Ken H

10 Years
May 21, 2009
My little ISA Browns are really coming through! They are all(4) laying large eggs(2.1 oz -2.25 oz) every day. This is the third Jumbo egg(2.6 oz. or larger) I have gotten since they first started laying on labor day. I have given away 2 dozen eggs and we, the wife and I, eat 3-4 eggs almost every morning. Soon I will attempt to start selling eggs.
I have two that are doing the same thing! I love those HUGE eggs. Today we even got one from an EE. I have gotten three or four that were triple yolks. I sold a dozen a few weeks ago, and the lady said almost all were double yolkers, even though that weren't the jumbo eggs.
We've had 2 double yolkers from our new layer Molly (she lays every other day and not always a double)...of the 4 Barred Rocks we have she is the latest to lay. We're still waiting on Mimi, the free loader and slow to mature...very much makes herself a "victim".....
what's up with that, I wonder?
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