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    Okay, I can't stand it anymore I gotta start a thread about the mares' and their impending motherhood.
    I checked Fiona today. Fiona is a 17 year old 17 hand Percheron mare in foal to a 17.2 Freisian stud. Both parents are black and Fiona has had numerous foals and almost all of them have been black so no big surprises here. ANYWAY, the girl has udders that would make a Jersey cow jealous. She's HUGE. Ligaments are loosening so she's about twice as long in back as normal but she's not actually due until May 15th. I think we're going to drop a few days early.
    Then I checked Dixie (not my choice for name but she knows it) who is a 5 year old previously maiden mare. She's MAYBE 14 hands and she's a gorgeous black and white leopard app with a cute dish face bred to black and white Friesian paint cross. Her parents were both bay and sorrel blanket apps, a grand mother is a palomino, one grandfather is a black and white blanket app and if you go back far enough you find a little bit of everything in this girl's background. This foal will be a surprise. She's not as heavy in the udder and still pretty tight on the back end. I originally thought she'd foal before Fiona because she's just HUGE but she's just not as far along....of course you know how first timers are....she may not actually get milk until she has the baby. So stick around and wait with me and somebody pat me on the head and tell me this tiny pony is going to be okay.
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    [​IMG] I raise Quarter horses, so I understand your concern. Don't worry, She will be fine. Horses have been dropping foals longer than humans have been having babies. I know you will worry about her anyway, but everything will work out, she will make a great momma, and you will have a beautiful, healthy foal. [​IMG]
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    Oh thank you so much! I worry about Fiona because she is a little older and she has done this so many times (she was a PMU mare) that things may be getting a little worn out in there. But that little, tiny girl Dixie has me just terrified especially since we don't even know when she was bred so we don't have a fix on a possible due date. But you're right, this is natural, so we'll just hang out and wait.
    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming......
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    With a Friesian in there, you will have some beautiful babies! They are ''the Lexus of the horse world,'' IMO. We want pictures! [​IMG]
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    I think it's so cool that they can foal out in about 15 minutes, and pass under your "foal watch" radar!!!
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    Oh, I'll probably inundate you with pics. When I pull out my palm computer to show people pics there are about two horse pics for every one pic of my kids. Some people find this strange....
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    You just about can't stand it??!! LOL I know the feeling. I am so glad I didn't know my mare was in foal this year. Just to wake up and she did it all on her own without all the fuss and worry was great!....after the shock of "where did this baby come from" wore off [​IMG]

    Relax and make sure you get pics of the new babies!!

    I just love a new foals soft coat! I could rub them all day long [​IMG]
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    FYI your not "rescuing" them if your breeding them again! THat is all she was used for her entire life! The poor girl deserves a rest.

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    Apr 28, 2009
    Good luck. I'm watching a mare on my foaling camera now but I expect I have another week or two to wait.
  10. farmerlor

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    You're absolutely right and when I got her I promised her that she would never, ever be bred again but when we got her she was already an older horse destined for slaughter as was the baby that was inside her. She had that foal and later had a foal by accident when a stallion busted down my fence to get at her. My trainer told us that we'd never, ever be able to train such an old horse to ride and that we should let her earn her keep by doing the one thing she liked best-being a mommy. I know all the reasons for not breeding her but she really is happiest when she's somebody's mom and her first baby (for us) has been so successful at dressage that this new foal is eagerly awaited by several potential buyers. I can assure you that she will never be bred again. I won't put her through it and I won't need to as this price for this foal should pay to keep her for what remains of her life.

    The rescue part was that I rescued her from slaughter.
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