Another new Egg Here!


12 Years
Aug 24, 2011
Grafton Ohio
Hey, Y'all just came on Board here. I been reading and checking BYC for some time now. A lady down the road gave me
3 Silkys this past spring, and I bought 5 new chicks Cos-chins' this summer so that makes 7 peeps and a White crazy
Silky Rooster named Rocky he loves to chase my Granddaughter around the yard, I bought this new place 5 years ago
on a nice 4 acre lot. out in country not to far away from city limits, Lived in the city all of my life but my Dad was from
up in the smoky mnt area of Tennessee my Granparents own 100 acre farm there she had about 100 chicken and some
Guinea Fowl, and some pigs and cows. My Little white Silkey is settin on some eggs right now, been trying to find out
more about this process. This Site has helped me out alot. So Thanks to all you Smart Folks out There.

All The way from Grafton Ohio. Y' alllllllllllllllllll

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