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    Apr 14, 2012
    Ok I just got my babies 2 days ago from TSC. They are <1 week old, they're on the same feed they were on at the store, and their brooder is comfy.
    Several of them have crusty dried poo on their back ends, I don't think it's blocking their vents but isn't this the beginning of pasty butt? It has definitely happened since I got them.
    They are so little I'm scared to do anything about it! I thought I wasn't even supposed to handle them much at first, the idea of trying to wash the dried poop off of their bottoms is intimidating.
    Will they really be ok if i do this? What is the gentlest way to remove dried poo from fluffy butts? Should I be giving them something besides their chick crumble? I specifically asked them at the store if they needed chick grit or any supplement and they said no. What should I do?

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    This is only my second year at it - so I may be corrected by others....

    I think young chicks always get a bit dirty back there - depending on the breed. We only clean it up if it looks like a blockage is developing.

    We use q-tips and warm water around the vent.
    Also a moist soft toothbrush to get the bits that are hanging on to the feathers. I wouldn't get to close to the vent with any kind of brush.
    Don't get the chick wet or let him cool off to much.

    We introduced fine grit on the third day this year and have less "dirty" butt. I'm thinking the grit helped.
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  3. urbanchickymama

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    Apr 14, 2012
    Thanks! What a relief- I'll keep my eye on their booties& get them some chick grit!

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