Another picture of my food obsessed dog.


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
So Sparky kept barking at the counter where this empty dog food bag was sitting the other day, so we gave it to him to see if he would lick the food smell molecules off of it. Nope instead he just sat on it, then took a nap on it. No one else was allowed near it.
I think he needs to see an psychologist. He loves food way to much. BTW he is now a hefty 25 lbs at 7 1/2 months old. His mom and dad weigh around 18-20 and he is shorter than both of them. He isn't fat but he is SOLID.

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His dad is my cavalier king charles and his mom is my bichon. He is 100% Goober and makes my laugh everyday. He is also very squeezable.

He actually had 2 different homes lined up and neither worked out, by then we couldn't part with him.

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