Another "pullet" turns out to be a Roo!

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  1. Herself

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    May 3, 2010
    Another one out of the six pullets I got at the swap turned out to be a Roo, and it was little Ladybird! Guess a new name is called for here! I heard a crow Sunday morning directly after finding new homes for my Roos. I didn't suspect Ladybird, I was sure it was Maude or Itty Bittie, but this morning we actually saw Ladybird crow. Oops! my husband just ran in to say my little Itty Bitty just crowed also....that leaves Maude as a question mark!

    These last 3 were so much smaller than the 3 Roos that I re-homed that I was sure they were pullets. The seller told me that they were all 5 weeks back in May when I brought them, but I think some were older than the others. He claimed he had sorted them all according to sex & all the chicks in that cage were pullets.

    I'm so discouraged! I'll have to build a temp coop in order to isolate new birds before I can put them in the big coop. I also hate giving away more of my chickens. Sorry I just had to vent!


    Mother of Roos & maybe one pullet.

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    May 4, 2009
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    I hate it when that happens!

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