Another question from Newbie regarding male/females

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dawnjoennikki98, Nov 3, 2010.

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    Oct 5, 2010
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    Hi again! As my babies are just over two months, and have very different quacks/sounds, i believe i know 3 are drakes for sure, (their tails are starting to show a curl too) and possibly one or two more, out of my 8 are drakes!!! :-O what kinds of problems will this cause? They all get along great now, stick close together and watch out for each other. they are in a coop/shed all night, and a small run during most of the day, then free range when i get home from work. will i need to seperate them? thanks!
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    Their hormones will set in about a month and that's when trouble will arrive. They will fight over the girls, at which point you have to get a bachelor pen ready. A good ratio is 3-9 hens per drake. To many drakes can injure and even drown hens in the water with their over breeding. I had to find homes for 4 drakes. I now have 1 drake and 8 girls. The dynamic has changed so much since, they are really sweet to each other.
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    You can keep ducks in pairs in small groups, I have 4 drakes and 6 ducks, they get along just fine. I normally have more drakes than ducks, just the luck of the draw I guess. I have never had a problem with drakes killing ducks, though anything can happen I guess. Usually the drakes will pick their favorites and keep the others away.

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