(another) REAL dog story about Euthanasia-LONG

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    This sad story is on one of my Yahoo groups for Foster dogs! Please sign the petition. I'm embarrased this happened in my own state! :thun

    "This poor baby may actually come here as another witness protection
    pup! Please help speak for those who cannot."


    Please let Rushville's Mayor Robert Bridges, know where you stand.
    Tell Mayor Bridges that the world is watching. E-mail him at:
    [email protected]. Telephone him at (765)932-3735. Offer
    solutions and encourage change. Demand that pound assistant Jamie
    Glandon stay re-instated at the Rushville Animal Shelter, without
    harassment or fear of reprisal. Without intervention, there is grave
    concern about how this chapter will end for companion animals interred
    at the Rushville Animal Shelter. Please read and sign the petition at:

    Meet Gabby, she is a 4 month old Mastiff/Shepherd mix who was
    euthanized on Monday November 12. Four days later shelter worker Jamie
    Glandon went into the walk in cooler to dispose of a body, when Gabby
    raised her head. Buried neck deep, in a barrel, under other dead animals.

    Jamie immediately removed Gabby from the cooler and called the Head
    Dog Warden, Jack Hill, she was told to take the dog to a local vet and
    have her euthanized again. Jamie refused, instead phoned the vet to
    have Gabby examined. Gabby now is safely into rescue and under
    veterinary care.

    Jamie has been placed on administrative leave for her courageous and
    compassionate act. She could lose her job and face potential criminal
    charges, all for saving a puppy's life.

    It gets worse. This is the third failed euthanasia reported at the
    shelter since September. First, a border collie who had to be
    euthanized three times before death resulted. Second, a litter of 3
    black lab puppies had to be euthanized multiple times before death

    The euthanasia procedure at the Rushville Animal Shelter is INHUMANE.
    Instead of finding a vein, as a veterinarian would do, the dog instead
    is injected directly into the heart. There is no sedation given, and
    death is slow and painful, the animal fully aware. In the two previous
    instances of failed euthanasia the dogs weren't even given the dignity
    of being removed from the piles of other dead animals, simply injected
    where they lay.

    Jamie officially filed complaints with the Mayor's office on the
    previous incidents, nothing was done. Now Jamie is being vilified in
    her own community for speaking out, and taking action.

    We are raising money, awareness and some hell to support our friend
    Jamie, get shelter procedures changed and protect Gabby! Please help,
    become Gabby's friend, spread the word, sign the petition, email us
    your contact information for another Rally for Reason in Rushville

    In the words of Gabby: My name is Gabby and I was dropped off at the
    Rushville Indiana Animal Shelter because my owners didn't want me. I
    remember that day like it was yesterday. My person grabbed my leash
    and collar and walked me to the car. I was soooo excited! I was going
    to get to go on a car ride!! Yippie!! We drove up one street and down
    the other. I had my head sticking out the window with the cold winter
    breeze blowing my ears up. And then it happened. I saw this run down
    shack of a building with the words "Animal Shelter" written on the
    side with a big white box setting outside the door. I asked myself,
    "What is an animal shelter"? I soon found out and little did I know
    that big white box was going to be where they threw my body after they
    killed me.

    I lay four days under a pile of other dead animals, no food or water.
    Then I saw a bright light and for a minute thought I was going over
    Rainbow Bridge to find peace at last. Instead it was my hero, Jamie
    Glandon, who came to rescue me, give me a bath, warm me, hold and
    comfort me until I quit shaking, and take me to the doctor. Now, I am
    safe in rescue but the vet bills have been high and my savior Jamie
    faces trouble for her decision to save me. Won't you be our hero and help?

    Visit my website for complete details at: www.justiceforgabby.com
  2. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    How sad. I cannot believe they've had one...much less THREE...incidents of dogs not being euthanized the first time! My heart goes out to any domestic animal that cannot find a loving, forever home.
  3. gritsar

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    Thank you so much Carole for bringing this to our attention. I signed the petition, am already a care2 member, and I passed it along. [​IMG]
  4. Dodgegal79

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    Dec 1, 2007
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    I've euthanized dogs before when I worked at a SPCA and it is not hard to find a vein. They are just being lazy and stupid. To me is seems they are lacking the correct teaching to do it.

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