Another reason to raise your own...

This should start up some new Super Bugs that will be incurable.
I do, thanks. But I also know that Monsanto is working their tails of making genetically modified food that is cheaper to produce. And to make the farmers raising food dependent on Monsanto for their starting material. Look at the seeds they produce!

I know this because I worked for a company hired by Monsanto to train their people to do the genetic work my company knew how to do.

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I'm terrified of anything genetically modified!

I believe Britain had a serious problem with geneticaly modified crops (scientific control fields) that contaminated the non-genetically modified food crops through pollination (wind and insect) several years ago.

I firmly believe that we should not mess too much with Mother Nature!
Genetic modification of foods has been going on for quite some time now. I have already seen genetically modified fruits and vegetables in the supermarket. They are labeled where I live and I choose not to purchase them (at least not knowingly). I didn't even realize it existed until I took a nutrition class a year or so ago. The professor told us about it and we all checked out local stores to see if it was true, because we just didn't believe it.

I think its very arrogant of these "scientists" to genetically modify anything from fruit,veggies to meat.
I guess they feel God and nature didn't do a good enough job so they will "improve" things.

I said it before and I will say it again, there is going to be some kind of fallout from all this.
I find it so disturbing.

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