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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by newTexan2chickens, Jul 19, 2010.

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    I currently have a BR roo that is the perfect gentleman. He is housed with 14 hens- 6 are laying and the other 8 will be at some point in time that only they will determine. I have another pen of 4 BO pullets, 1 RIR pullet and 4 roos that are all about 8 wks give or take. I was thinking about keeping 1 of the roos from that pen but I was planning to move the BO in with the adults when they are about 14 wks. Can I move the roo too or will he fight with my BR? Eventually I will be adding 4 FBCM pullets so I plan to have about 22 or so hens with 1 roo.... or can the second one peacefully coexist? They are housed in a 12x40 house/run combo with time outside each afternoon. Thanks!
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    It can go either way.........but if you are going to try it, the sooner you do it the better. If you try to introduce two grown roosters, they WILL fight. If you introduce a young one to a large group of hens and 1 roo, he may just be happy being low on the totem pole.....and then will "grow up" with the other rooster. Adding boys is a tossup. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
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    I just added a FBCM roo to my flock that is dominated by my Welsummer. The FBCM is much younger and he backed down when the Welsummer approached him for the first time so things have gone well. It's always a coin toss though when you combine two mature roos in the same pen that weren't raised together. My bet is that they are going to go at it to establish dominance but FBCMs (at least mine) are really laid back birds and don't seem to look for conflict.

    Good luck...let us know how it goes.

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