Another sick pullet.


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Oct 31, 2007
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I posted the other day about a hen with a bubbly discharge in her eye. It seems to have gotten better but definatly no worse. Ive been giving la200 injections and dimethox in the water. I noticed yesterday one of my cream legbars has one eye closed. Slight discharge and dried pus like discharge on her beak. No smell. Non of my others are showing any symptoms yet. I have moved the two out of the flock. Both are eating and drinking normally. I am guessing this is CRD. But not sure.

Is it possible for just these two birds to be sick and the others to show no signs at all? Its been about 5 or 6 days when I noticed the first bird with bubbly eye discharge. The second does not have discharge at all but her one eye is closed and she has that bump showing in the picture with that pus like stuff in the corner of her mouth. Seems like both birds are showing different signs from each other.
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The lesion near the beak is concerning. Is it only on the outside of the beak--is there any yellowish material inside the mouth? Wet fowl pox can get inside the mouth and throat causing respiratory distress. Canker is another one that does that.
The picture of the lesion around the beak could be a sign of something else. Is there any yellow material inside the beak? Wet fowl pox can cause lesions on the outside and inside of the beak that can cause respiratory distress. Here is a very graphic thread on the worst case of fowl pox I have seen--look at post #45 pictures (if you have a weak stomach, beware):
No other signs at all. I actually picked the scab off. I havent gotten what was left in her mouth. Im gonna get that in the morning. Both hens have different things going on. None of my others are showing anything. I went out tonight and none were rattley sounding at all. Even the sick two. Ive also been doing the terramycin ointment in the eyes.

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