another sickie--my fave ideas please

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  1. spell

    spell Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 5, 2010
    i wormed day before yesterday with the wazine.....
    now my favorite little hen (flossy) is feeling off. last night she was last in the coop and moving a little slow.
    this morning she was last out and kinda slow. now she's under the house and didn't come running for the peach and banana that i offered. she's the funny one and always after treats.
    her poo is white and runny!! i'm off to work for a few hours and worried about her.

    our roo dropped dead 3 maybe 4 days ago for no apparent reason.

    remember these are rescued birds and i don't know much about them...i did see worms so it was NOT an un warranted worming. it has been hot here but yesterday was pretty mild (80-85 degrees). they have plenty of water, and food and shade. i'll take them a pan of ice before i leave today.

    any ideas are appreciated....flossy is such a sweetie, i don't want to loose her


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