Another silkie guessing game... 5 weeks old.

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by jossanne, May 6, 2009.

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    I've got 8 silkies, mostly mixed colors. These are equus2's babies, like Catalina's, and they're getting really cute! I know 5 weeks is too young to tell with silkies, but I want to hear people's guesses on the gender of these babies.

    So... Ready, Set, Go!

    Anyway, they're 5 weeks old today. I've got my opinions on some of their genders already, but not all. Only one has much comb developing, and that's the blue one. It's much wider than the other combs, and is already starting to stick up a bit. I'm really guessing this one's a boy:

    Here's the best white one. The other two whites are clean-faced and have bigger vaulted skulls. They are looking identical so far, with nearly non-existent combs, and I don't even have a guess on them. This one is the largest of all the chicks, and I think it's the prettiest. Its comb is quite narrow, and not bumping up at all yet. I'm hoping it's a girl:

    This one is a mixed color, but I think it might be called blue partridge. You can't see how much blue it's got in these pictures, but its feet and tail are very blue. I LOVE this color! Its comb is also narrow and flat. I think it's feathering in very pretty. I'm thinking girl here, too:

    This one is buff-ish. Its chest and head are very buff, but its wings and tail are dark, almost partridge looking. Is there any way this one is going to be a buff bird? I'm sure its wings will be smutty, but will the rest of it be buff? It's got the same comb as the others, fairly narrow and flat. I don't have a clue on this one:

    The others are two partridge twins, with the same combs as the rest. I haven't got recent pics of them. They're getting quite pretty, with one being a little lighter colored than the other one. I'll get pics of them later.
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    I just wanted to let you know that I think your chicks are too cute! I just got my silkie eggs in the mail & I can't wait for the chicks.
    They are just so cute, cute, CUTE!
    Good luck with your silkies.
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    What did you chicks end up being? I have a Silkie same age as those just turned 5 weeks 2day and she looks like the other 4 you had hoped to 2 be hens. Im super anxious to know!


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