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Mar 3, 2008
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The waterer got spilled last night and all the bedding got soaked along with all the chicks. Now they are a dirty mess.

Here comes the silly question. How do they clean themsleves or what can we do to help them clean themselves?
First - if you haven't already you need to get all the wet bedding out of there.

Most people just let them be unless they are in a serious dirty condition. They can be given a bath and blown dry, so I've been told, I've never done it. Chickens love to take dirt baths so I see no reason to bathe them unless there's poo stuck to them or such.

Oh - there are no silly questions... sometimes you'll get some silly answers though!
yes, I got the wet bedding out first thing this morning. I guess they aren't real dirty. Its just when I pick them up their feathers are kinda stiff, and not as soft as before.

On a side note: One of my banty chicks loves to stand on us. It scared me yesterday when it took off and landed in my lap, and then was looking for higher ground. Like my shoulder or head. I just wasn't exspecting one of my chicks to be so forward about wanting to be close to me. We like it. My 4 year old daughter can't get enough of it standing on her. Will it still act like this as an adult?
Some do and some don't. If she is already wanting to stand on your shoulders/head then there's a good chance that she'll want to continue it as an adult ... unless you stop her now. That would be up to you. I think it's cute but just remember... they do go poo wherever they are.

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