Another spread of Newcastle’s

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    PHOENIX – Virulent Newcastle disease has been found in an Arizona chicken flock for the first time since the outbreak began last year in California.

    It’s been found in Arizona near Flagstaff in a backyard flock of eight birds, and tests show the strain is part of the Southern California outbreak.

    Arizona state veterinarian Peter Mundschenk said the Department of Agriculture is working to find the source and keep it contained.

    “It’s pretty much been in backyard birds, but they’ve had a couple spillovers into the commercial flocks in the areas,” he said. “That’s what we’re trying to prevent by having the surveillance zone so we don’t get the spread of the disease like California’s had.”

    Mundschenk said they will keep looking in a 1 kilometer area around where the disease was found to locate the source. One source could be a chicken keeper – someone trying to protect birds from quarantine in California – who brought them to Arizona, Mundschenk said....
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    This has been a very sad story for months; I have been watching, and hope it can finally be eradicated.
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  4. This is happening 20 miles from me, The state vet is relying on people to do the right thing. We all know that is a flawed presumption though. I honestly do not know if I would comply if they move the boundaries to include my property. My birds are not sick, I do not bring in adult birds to the flock. Hopefully I do not have to find out.

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    I am posting a petition link on behalf of a fellow backyard chicken family. Their perfectly healthy flock was killed on Friday without showing ANY signs of illness....nor were they tested!!!! They were in the process of following government legal process to fight the kill order and simply remain under quarantine. They informed CDFA the test results would arrive today...Monday. Their response...arrive unannounced on Friday and kill her flock before the test results could support her case. This NEEDS TO CHANGE! While euthanizing infected birds is necessary...knowingly killing healthy birds is not. This can happen to ANYONE! Please take the time to read, sign and share!
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    Please read my post above!
  7. Sorry, not signing or even opening link. Facebook and I are over since the russians used them to elect trump. Petitions are useless in this situation, the state is going to protect the poultry industry.


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