Another turkey poult with puffy eye/sinus area

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    So, now I have a second turkey who has a (only one side) puffy, swollen eye and sinus area. He seems to have a little clear disharge from his eye and nose on that side only. The other side looks PERFECT. I got some sulfamethazine sodium at the feed store for them, but am having a hard time figuring out the dosage. It says 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, but then it says to make sure that you only give the appropriate amount of medicated water, so how am I supposed to know how much water they should have? This one is a 5 week old bourbon red. Should I just give them a full gallon and let them drink as much or as little as wanted? I don't want to over or under treat them. Also, any idea what would cause only 1 side to do this? This makes 2 now and they were in seperate pens in the same room. Could it just be shavings in the eye, or some other irritation? The fluid that comes out all seems to be clear. Any suggestions would be great, I REALLY like these little guys and dont want to lose either of them. Thanks
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    It's probably an airborne cold virus of some sort that they're getting. I would go ahead and follow the directions on the label and mix it accordingly. They'll drink what they need. It's kind of hard to overmedicate them if you mix it correctly. It's important to get the meds in them so they don't end up with a secondary bronchial (or whatever they're called in turkeys) infection. They're really hard to get rid of once they set in.

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