Another water for winter question- battery operated heaters?

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Feb 17, 2009
Are there any battery operated water heaters that someone has personal experience with? I do not have electricity at my coop, and really do not want to run an extension cord from my house. I was wondering if there are any battery operated water heaters that work. Thanks.
I'm wrestling with the same dilemma, WillHunt.

From what I've read here, it sounds as though any heater will draw quite a bit of power - certainly enough that the battery would need to be replaced/rechraged nearly daily during the dead of winter. I had hoped to get a solar-type system going, but it may be way more expensive and an impractical solution.

I guess at this point, I may just see how things go this winter and change out their water 2-3 time a day (before work, after work, before bed) when we're in a cold snap. If it's too much of an issue, I will likely bite the bullet and run a conduit and wire out to the coop and get a heated dog bowl...

edit: I'm leary of simply running an extension cord - our coop is ~100' from the nearest outlet. If it comes down to it, I'll run the proper electrical wire in a conduit out to an 'outdoor' electrical outlet near the coop and have an electrician make the connections. Seems safer that way...
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Laws of physics prevent battery powered heaters from being effective. It just takes too much power to run a heater, even a tiny one.

It's probably possible to use 3 car batteries and a fishtank heater but it's still a stretch. Plus you will still need to charge them.
Mike- yep. I am also considering running power to the coop. Figure a light at the door, a light inside and a box to plug in a heater would be a fine luxury. Of course, my winter does not get that cold, so I will see how things go and speak with some local backyard chicken folks.

Purplechicken- I hear ya. That's what I was afraid of.
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