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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Hi all, I am new to the forum. I did a search on wheezing hens, but I couldnt really find anything that matches my issue.

I got a mixed flock second hand that came with a coop and everything end of June. I let them free range around the yard/woods. About a month after picking them up, I noticed that one of them was wheezing, I noticed her wheezing when I introduced a young Rooster to the flock and I think she was/is one of the dominant hens so they went at it for a while and I think she was pretty tired. Since I noticed it, she seems to do it almost constantly and definately after running. Anyway, it has been atleast a month since I first noticed and she is still alive and kicking. She seems pretty healthy except the wheezing, shes always one of the first out of the coop in them morning and into it at night. Weather has been mixed hot/humid/rain and recently fairly cold and it doesn't seem to impact the symptoms. I thought it may be allergies or asthma so I cleaned/vacuumed/bleached/dusted the coop, still no change. I havent done anything else except for monitor and none of the other hens have displayed any symptoms. From reading other posts, it seems that most chickens with infections or worms would die after a week or so. She is not lethargic at all, I can't even catch her to get a closer look, shes quick and smart and always finds an escape. None of the hens or the Rooster pick on her and she still lays somewhat regularly (she's about 3yrs I think). Has anyone else had an experience like this? I use straw for bedding, can chickens be allergic to that? I am not really sure what to do if anything.

My chicken started to weez today and I'm worried she is one of my best girls she is always so happy one of the first out of the coop and now she's weezing she walks around and eats but she is always in and out of the coop like she's about to lay a egg is that what's your is doing I introduced a young kelso rooster to the group and idk if he's beating them up I'm just worried about my hens health:( I love her so much
She may just be inclined to wheeze for whatever reason--sensitive to dust in the straw, weak heart, etc. You might try a bag of pine shavings next litter change to see if it makes a difference. If she has no other symptoms I would just watch her. Some people recommend using oxine with a nebulizer or fogger in their coop. It is used for disinfecting, but can be used directly on the chicken to help with breathing problems. You might do a search at the top of the page on oxine aerosol treatments for chickens at the search at the top of the page, or google it.
The only time my chickens are in the coop are at night time but I do use the pine shavings I'm just worried idk what to do:(
How long does it take for the throat worms (dont remember the name) to kill a bird? She has been heading to the coop earlier than the other birds and I dont think she has laid in about a week, although she has started molting....
You could try to give her son ivermectin. I had a hen like that, I was not sure it was gape worm but had some horse wormer on hand. She cleared up after a couple doses. She was slow though, not spunky. I imagine it couldn't hurt.

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