Another Wound Care/Injured Chicken Question

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    My 7 mo old girl Lacey was attacked by ??? on the 4th leaving a wound on her neck where the skin all the way down to muscle was basically peeled up from almost the base of her neck to almost the base of her skull. I flushed with water and have been trying to continue to do so daily and applying a silver spray and antibiotic ointment. Whether it's getting better and healing I can't say. It doesn't look much better and the area is turning dark which my husband assures me is normal since he says it's "scabbing over". It does NOT smell, no odor coming from the wound at all. I don't know much of anything about chickens but I do know what infection smells like. She is being kept on her own in my garage and she's not very happy about that. Kinda of peeved off actually lol. So the first question is when can she begin rejoining the flock ? I thought about letting her out to roam with them for a little while in the evening but not allowing her to sleep in the coop. Assuming I can catch her again, which maybe I can't so I maybe shouldn't let her out after all. I have been unable to make it so that she can remain near them but still stay safety away from any pecking. The kennel she is in won't fit in the coop and I we haven't been able to fashion a secure pen for her outside either that will keep her in and keep other creatures out. So for now she's stuck in the garage and that's the best we can do. How long does she have to remain there? She's pretty perky and eating and drinking well and even has continued to lay eggs which I've been cooking and feeding to her almost daily.

    Next question is what is going to happen to the skin that was basically ripped off the muscle? Is it going to heal back into place or will it die and fall off? It still have all the feathers on it if that matters. What should I do with it in the meantime. I'm worried that it won't heal in it's present state. It has literally been pulled back from the neck up towards the head. Should I be trying to wrap it with something or do I need to just leave it alone and continue with the cleaning to keep any nasties out of it. It still looks really bad, not that I expected it to heal over night or anything.

    Oh and one more thing, what's a good way to safely get her OUT of the dog crate? She's back to her feisty pain in the butt self and she's wised up to the towel trick I was using. Trouble is I am rather terrified of bird beaks, yeah I know I'm a weanie but I can't help it. Doing the best I can. Are there any chicken handling secrets out there perhaps that I could use? Or maybe do I just need to suck it up and not be a baby about being pecked. She can't really hurt me can she?
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    The only question i can answer is wear gloves if you don't want her to peck you. It isn't too bad though. the pecking that is. but for the wound care with skin still attached I'll leave that to those who know, but I would not put her back with the flock till she's healed. they will work her over unmercifully. Maybe after she starts to get skin back on the wound you could spray blue-kote on the wound and bring in a friend to keep her company. I wish you the best and will also say she will probably heal up fine. They are amazing in that catagory.
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    Sometimes when you put pulled off skin back over a wound like that, it will reattach, or at least some of it will. Even if it doesn't, it serves as a sort of dressing. Where the skin is gone, the wound will heal by what is called secondary intention, which means from the edges into the center. What forms is scar tissue, not skin. If you didn't put it back, then yes, it will die and fall off, much like a scab.

    Really, wounds are wounds, whether on a chicken or you. It's just easier to put a dressing on a person!

    When I want to handle a chicken who is trying to peck hard, I first put one hand around her neck from behind. Very gently and loosely, of course; it doesn't take much to prevent pecking. Then I put the other hand around her body and wing on one side, then slip the hand that's on the neck down to the other side. Easier than it sounds. Or -- just wear heavy gloves. They can certainly peck hard enough to break the skin if they want to, but they won't do any serious damage.
  4. wonderpup

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    Ah ok, well good. I'll just let it be then aside from the cleaning. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something in the wound care department. I have never dealt with a wound quite like hers before that wasn't stitched or treated in some way surgically. I think I'll just make my husband get her out of the crate, vs trying to dig my heavy bite gloves out of the attic.... if I even still have them. [​IMG] He isn't one to be bothered about pecking and if he is, wellllllll I'm sure he's done something to deserve it (sorry gentleman lol) that I don't know about yet.
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    I had a roo that seriously tore up the skin on a hens neck, the other chickens attacked until most of her head was bloody and skinless.
    Her eyes were swolen shut so she couldn't see, which may have actually been an advantage for me, because she couldn't see to peck at me!

    I cleaned the wound and used antibiotic ointment on it and had to hand feed her since she couldn't see.
    I think I must have put some type of non-stick dressing with gauze wrapped around it, but I don't remember for sure.
    Her comb turned black and fell off. The skin/scar tissue (red) grew back over the wound but the feathers didn't.
    She eventually did very well and lived many years after that, becoming one of my best layers for many years.


    About reintroducing her to the flock. I got rid of my roo before I did that. My hens are free ranged, so she wasn't cooped up with any of them, there were some squabbles for a bit, but they worked it all out.
    Actually I may have put her in a cage out there for a few days first. I'm not sure.
    But first make sure the wound is completely closed and healed before you do that.
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    Jan 3, 2011
    NW Florida
    So basically it's going to be a good long while before she can rejoin the flock. Bummer. Hopefully she'll heal as quickly as chickenly possible then so she can start being reintroduced. I'm sure she's lonely. Wish being lonely made her more friendly but oh well. lol. Injured as she is she is still laying eggs pretty frequently even laid two days in a row. She's outdoing the orps and the lorps we have I'm afraid lol. And to think, she was just supposed to be the pretty one [​IMG] Funny how that works out.

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