Anti social hen.

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  1. Iron-Roo

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    Dec 5, 2011
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    So I have a question about social dynamics in the flock. I have 5 BCM pullets, a slightly older hen plus a young rooster. Started with 4 pullets in early Nov. Then added another pullet, the hen and the rooster (thank you Tannis). Everything seems to be going great as I am getting 3-4 eggs per day now and the birds seem healthy and happy. One odd behavior though. Since I added the rooster to the mix, all but one hen will follow him everywhere he goes (just started free ranging them occasionally). The one hen stays back by the coop pretty much regaurless of where the others go. I have not seen the others peck at her or chase her away, and though I have seen her sneeze a few times, I do not think that she seems sick otherwise. I pretty sure that she is laying, though I am not positive because I have not really tracked this for any of them. Does this seem normal. Any thoughts...
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    Mine single themselves out and drop back like that when they molt. A few of mine stay behind because they're not in the mood, LOL. And I always have one who follows the rooster around like he's a movie star.
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    Maybe she's mad that she has to share a male to other girls? Or maybe she thinks he's ugly or not ready?

    I have a rooster that's some what anti social from the females, of course he'll mate them and alert danger, but he has the attuide "I dont care what you do" and he dosnt try to suck up to his females like most roosters do.
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    I have a hen that roosts by herself, none of the others go in that coop, except to eat and drink. I started out with 2-coops, one for guineas and one for chickens. A fox ate six guineas and an owl got one. During the day they all free range together, but at night she roosts alone.
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    I have noticed when I let the girls out of the run, If one of them has to lay an egg soon they will hang around the coop or the run until she has to run into the coop straight into the nest box.
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  6. SthTxFarmGurl

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    Mar 30, 2012
    I don't understand it either, I have a black Americana that has just recently started staying off to herself. I opened up the fence for the chickens to go into a neighboring fenced area. She was still in their yard, when I put her into the 'covered' section where their "house" is at she went straight into the house and was up on the roost about an hour & half before the others. It is not something I have seen before.

    I hope you figure out what is up with your girl. I will be watching mine closely!

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