Antibiotic for respiratory symptoms?

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    Aug 25, 2008
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    Good evening all,
    I just had a hen start displaying some serious respiratory symptoms. Nothing noticable earlier today and she was acting normally until just about and hour ago. As we were eating dinner, we heard this gosh awful noise that sounded like a rooster with larygintis trying to crow. We found my Golden Comet hen by the deck wheezing, gurgling, and gagging like she had something caught in her throat. There are no sinus symptoms or eye discharge as of now. She's been eating and her weight is really good right now.
    I isolated her immediately in one of my extra holding pens. I can't bring her inside right now as I have 3 week old chicks in the only area I have available. The only antibiotics I have on hand are Duramycin (Tetracycline), Doxycycline, and Lincocin IM. Anything else I'll have to order online. I started her on the Duramycin in water. Should I also do electrolytes? If so, can I use Pedialyte?
    Any and all advice appreciated.


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